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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Profusion of Petunias

Last year I had volunteer bunnies growing in my flower pots, this year I have volunteer petunias. I didn't plant these, they happened on their own, apparently the hardier progeny of the petunias I had and let die last year because I didn't water them enough, now they're back with a vengeance. The single white one appeared today. I did have white ones last year, along with the two darker colors, but not the red, and not the lighter pink in the front with the white one, so something must have mutated from last year! lol! Every day the petunia explosion gets a little bigger and more strung out, I think they have delusions of conquering the front porch, but at this rate, they just might do it!

This is a picture of the bunnies I grew last year. And Momma bunny at least thought she might try it again it worked so well, we had two flower pots dug out in the spring, but alas, nothing was ever sewn there, and all we have are out of control petunias!

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  1. You know, all I have ever gotten are spiders in my outside pots. No fair!


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