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Monday, May 25, 2009

Giveaway: Dark Hunger (Graphic Novel) by Christine Feehan

I had been interested to give this one a try, as I've developed a bit of a taste for Manga (so far I've managed to finish the Angel Sanctuary series, and start a couple others), and wanted to see how a romance novel translated into a graphic novel. I actually have not yet read the regular novel that this one comes from, but have them on my towering mount TBR, so when I do it will be fun to compare!

Juliette and her family are were-leopards, working to free animals from a secret lab hidden in the jungle. Once inside, she discovers Riordan, an immortal vampire hunter known as a Carpathian, has also been held there, lured by the deceptions of a master vampire. Juliette frees him, but is overwhelmed by his discovery that they are lifemates when he takes her away with him, destroying the lab in the process. The remainder of the story is their coming to terms with each other, and rescuing her family from the pack of male were-leopards that has taken them in the meantime. This was a fun, quick paranormal read and I look forward to giving the full novel a try!

Would you like to try Dark Hunger out? Great, then today might be your lucky day! Or rather, June 13th might be, since that's when I'll choose my winner! All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me if you could be a were-creature, what animal would you choose? I think most people who know me wouldn't be surprised that I would choose a cat of some kind. I think a black panther might be fun, then I could sneak around at night all stealthy!

As always, this is a gently loved copy with a Bookcrossing label inside the front cover. While I would love a journal entry from you if you win, the book is yours to do with as you like, and you can journal anonymously if you decide that Bookcrossing is not for you.

For more information on the author and her work, please visit Christine Feehan's Website

Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Places Geocaching Has Taken Us

We've gotten to see some neat things that we wouldn't have otherwise known where there if not for geocaching. I hope sometime that we can find such a spot that doesn't already have a cache in it, so that we can share it with people that otherwise wouldn't have known about it too.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Star Trek as I've never seen it before

Do not take a drink before watching this! I have to thank the husband for finding this one, as soon as I was done watching it, I snatched his laptop away so I could post it!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Giveaway Winner: Hangar 13 by Lindsay McKenna

It's May 3rd, time to announce the winner! Lindsay McKenna herself even dropped by to say hello, so if you missed that in the comments, you might want to go back to the original post and check it out! She is the first author, who wasn't already a friend of mine, to comment on one of my posts! Susan Helene Gottfried gets that honor of being first, but she already knew me! ;)

Drumroll please....


Hangar 13 will make it's way to you as soon as I get your snail mail addy!
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