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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where am I supposed to sit?

I'm sure many Cat owners... I mean, those owned by cats have a similar problem.

This is where I'm supposed to sit when I'm at the computer:

And when I am actually allowed the use of my chair, this is where I should, in theory, get to put my feet:

Occasionally the husband's chair is comandeered as well:

There is actually one more cat missing from the equation, but she usually finds her own spot under the husband's desk, and doesn't take up much room. She does however like to chew on cords... that would be why he's on set of speakers number two! ;)

Kitteh's, gotta love 'em!

This public service message on how to keep your humans away from their computers is brought to you by Misu and Fergus. Some humans may require more extreme measures, they are slow learners after all!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Giveaway: Hangar 13 by Lindsay McKenna

Their worlds couldn't be farther apart, yet they will have to work together to overcome the evil that shadows Hangar 13.

Mac is a military pilot, precision thinking and solid facts are what he knows and depends on. Ellie is a Native American Shamaness, dealing with the metaphysical and unknown every day. At first Mac is skeptical that Ellie will be able to help find out what is wrong in Hangar 13, surely the occurrences have a rational explanation, some real person must be responsible. But when no physical culprit can be found, against his better judgement, Mac enlists Ellie's help. As he assists her in their investigation, he comes to like and respect her. Keeping an open mind about her work, he also takes her to the place where he feels the most at home, the sky.

Atypically, it is the fighter pilot who is the most convinced the two of them can find a way to make it work between them, even though they are so different, rather than the woman who deals with the unexplainable ever day! A near fatal encounter with the spirit haunting Hangar 13 leaves them both with no doubt of their feelings for each other, but will they survive cleansing the hangar to find out if they can make it work?

This was a nice little paranormal romance where the couple are able to heal each other, battle the evil, and live happily ever after! Awwww.... ;)

This book is ready to make a new friend! It is a gently used, Bookcrossing labeled copy, and while I would love a journal entry from you (it can be done completely anonymously if you decide becoming a bookcrosser is not for you), it is not necessary, and the book is yours to do with as you please. To enter, post a comment here, be sure to leave me a way to contact you. A winner will be chosen on May 3rd!

Check out Lindsay McKenna's Website for more information on her extensive catalog of novels!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Winner: The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes

It's that time! My 4 year wedding anniversary! And so, it's time to choose a winner for The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes!

And my Fortunate winner is....


I really enjoyed reading about all of the powers you all would wish for, and agreed with a lot of them! ;)

I'll be posting my next giveaway for Hangar 13 soon!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Book: Dreamer (Silent Empire #1) by Steven Harper

The Dream is a place where those who can make it can communicate with their minds, creating their own place within it, shaping the setting the way they like. Not everyone can get there, those who can are known as the Silent. Kendi Weaver is one of the Children of Irfan, who are dedicated to finding and freeing any of the Silent who are enslaved. He has sensed a very strong Silent in the Dream, and they want to find this one before someone else does, enslaving and warping them. In the meantime, things have started going wrong in the Dream, strange and dangerous things that can leave a Silent dead or crippled if they are overtaken before they can escape the Dream back to the physical world. Is this new strong silent somehow connected?

I very much enjoyed this Sci-Fi novel by Steven Harper. The characters are well formed, and I liked the idea of the Dream, where those that have the ability are able to shape their own surroundings, and are able to communicate with each other, visiting each other's shaped piece of the dream. Of course there is an evil plot of destruction going on, you have to have that! I'm looking forward to the other 3 novels in this series. The next book, Nightmare, is the story of Kendi's early life. I really became attached to him, and he seems to be the main character of the series (since he's on every cover!) so it will be good to find out what made him into the character I liked so much!

For more info on Steven Harper, visit his website:

He's also done a few tv novelizations for fun shows like Battle Star Galactica and Ghost Whisperer, written quite a few short stories, and is apparently quite the harpist!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Giveaway: The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes by Crusie, Dreyer and Stuart

Okay, so it isn't March anymore... I did read it in March though!

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes tells the story of 3 sisters with magical powers that don't always work quite the way the girls would like. They are in hiding from their evil aunt Xan, whom they believe had a hand in the death of their parents.

With a name like Xantippe you just have to be evil, so yes, Aunt Xan is up to something, and has cast a spell that in theory will bring the sisters' true loves to town. She's hoping they'll be so happy, and want so badly to live a normal life that they might not mind giving up their powers. She didn't quite count on how stubborn the girls would be, or their true loves for that matter!

This was a sweet, fun read. I like to describe it as adult Disney meets Charmed, and would like to pick up a copy of Dogs and Goddesses which features Crusie and Stuart again, this time with Lani Diane Rich in what seems to be a similar set up, three girls, three guys, mischief and fun!

I would love to pass my copy on to make a new friend! As always, this is a used book that is Bookcrossing labeled inside the front cover. While I would love love love a journal entry from the winner, it is by no means required, and the book is yours to do with as you please, whether that's keep it in your personal collection or pass it along to another friend! To enter, comment on this post and tell me what magical power you would like to have, it can be anything, from flying to shapshifting, to flipping your ponytail and having the dishes magically clean! Be creative and off the wall, entertain me! ;) No magical power, no entry! I will randomly select a winner on April 16th, my wedding anniversary, celebrate with me! I'm going to a book sale with Mr. Shaunie that day, woohoo!

For more info on the lovely ladies that wrote this novel, check out these links:

Jennifer Crusie
Eileen Dreyer
Anne Stuart
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