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Friday, April 10, 2009

Book: Dreamer (Silent Empire #1) by Steven Harper

The Dream is a place where those who can make it can communicate with their minds, creating their own place within it, shaping the setting the way they like. Not everyone can get there, those who can are known as the Silent. Kendi Weaver is one of the Children of Irfan, who are dedicated to finding and freeing any of the Silent who are enslaved. He has sensed a very strong Silent in the Dream, and they want to find this one before someone else does, enslaving and warping them. In the meantime, things have started going wrong in the Dream, strange and dangerous things that can leave a Silent dead or crippled if they are overtaken before they can escape the Dream back to the physical world. Is this new strong silent somehow connected?

I very much enjoyed this Sci-Fi novel by Steven Harper. The characters are well formed, and I liked the idea of the Dream, where those that have the ability are able to shape their own surroundings, and are able to communicate with each other, visiting each other's shaped piece of the dream. Of course there is an evil plot of destruction going on, you have to have that! I'm looking forward to the other 3 novels in this series. The next book, Nightmare, is the story of Kendi's early life. I really became attached to him, and he seems to be the main character of the series (since he's on every cover!) so it will be good to find out what made him into the character I liked so much!

For more info on Steven Harper, visit his website:

He's also done a few tv novelizations for fun shows like Battle Star Galactica and Ghost Whisperer, written quite a few short stories, and is apparently quite the harpist!

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