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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Library Books Read-a-thon June 9-16, 2014

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Happy National Library Week!  Okay, well I think the official one was back in April (ALA Announcement) but who cares, it should always be Library Week! It's like Shark Week, only with books, and no water, but some books definitely have sharp teeth, don't they?  Let's celebrate with a read-a-thon, shall we? Of course we shall, because that's what we do around here! Reading, and 'thoning and the like.  Rachael @ Rachael Turns Pages is going to help us out with that by being our lovely hostess!

I have been super impressed at how my library system has advanced in recent years.  They are really keeping up with technology changes and now offering digital downloads of e-books and audiobooks, so I can go to the library without actually going there!  Although it is still fun to go there, since it's like free book shopping and who doesn't love that?!  I better not see any hands raised, I will ignore you. You love it, and we all know it!  So just come join us. ;)

This week I'll see if I can cross off a few books on my digital library wishlist.  I'll keep track of my progress here.

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