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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11 - Hallmarks of Felinity

My husband turned me on to this fun comic called 9 Chickweed Lane by Brooke McEldowney. The reason I like this comic is not the story line, because I don’t keep up on it, although it is fun. The reason I love this comic is the cat, Solange. Every so often Brooke does a strip name Hallmarks of Felinity, in which Solange features, sometimes solely, sometimes with the other characters as “props” so to speak, but basically each of these strips is something that most cat owners/lovers can relate to about our furry friends. Husband will often send these to me at work (he does keep up on the comic, so while he’s waiting on test scripts to run, he’s reading web comics, hmmm…) when he comes across them. I’ve gathered together 13 here, though there are MANY more! He’s even come up with a book of them, and that’s far from all of them as well, I hope he does another book! Someone has collected many of them HERE for our easier viewing pleasure, though I think it’s pretty outdated, still, there are nearly 200 of them there, and that’s plenty! ;)

So here we go, Solange, in Hallmarks of Felinity! I started at the beginning and just skipped around to the first 13 that made me snicker out loud. Just click on the thumbnail to be taken to the larger version.

No. 38 Instantaneous Alarm Responses

No. 20 Armament Display

No. 14 Blinding Clarity

No. 63 Tipping a Cat Out of a Chair

No. 11 Changeable Agenda

No. 65 Concerto for Cat

No. 71 Inability to Make Up One's Mind

No. 79 The Ability to be on the Planet...

No. 28 Poltergeist Radar

No. 84 Signing

No. 25 Grandiosity of Spirit

No. 51 Tail Talk

No. 34 Thought Processes

I can relate to almost every one of these situations between my three cats! Hope you enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I'd never heard of Solange the cat. Thank you for posting those.

  2. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Hahaha! Those are great! I loved the tipping the cat out of the chair one. Reminds me of my cat who just would not move!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy TT!

  3. My lap is currently occupied by a feline. Enough said? Except I'll go check out the cartoon in more detail.

  4. I think it's been 2 years since I've read that comic. Thanks for the reminder. Happy TT.

  5. Thanks for sharing the giggles!

  6. Very feline - snide, snobby, superior - yep - feline!

    The Pink Flamingo

  7. Number Eleven is my cat and I! Ha!
    Happy TT!

  8. What a fun list! Great T-13!

  9. Great choices:) Happy TT.

  10. Anonymous5:58 AM

    I've never seen that comic stripe before either. Brooke sure know cats though.:)
    Thanks for posting those.

  11. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Great comics!

    Happy TT!

  12. Interesting 13. Mine is Eat, Drink and be Merry - 13 Last Words, Excerpt: Judaism instructs us to enjoy the simple gifts that God gives in the present world. Eat, drink and be merry. Enjoy this life, on this Earth, in this time. I have collected for your enjoyment the last words of some of our more famous fellow human beings involving food or drink before they died.

  13. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Oh Lord these are hilarious. Thank you. I must go read them all now.

  14. Anonymous1:40 PM

    :; grin ::

    Thanks for visiting my TT last week. I do like that cat...he shows up from time to time when I buy newspapers. :)


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