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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Giveaway #3: Animal Rescue Site Store Gift Certificate

I recently won a Gift Certificate from Walking on Sunshine to the Animal Rescue Site Store (Thank you again!!!). I promised I would report in on what I bought (of course I spent a lot more than my GC! heehee!), so here are the pictures of the goodies coming to me!

Okay, it's silly, but I'm seriously excited about the flip flops! *blush*

This purchase will help to fund 56 bowls of food according to my receipt, and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

I would like to pass on the pet love, so I'm going to giveaway a $10 Gift Certificate as well (and hope that whoever wins will continue the chain!)

To enter, please comment here by June 14th (I'll post the winner on June 15th) and tell me about your pets! What do they look like, how did you come to have them, what funny habits do they have? Or if you don't or can't have pets, that's okay too, tell me about what you wish you could have, or just about your favorite animals in general! Be sure to leave me a way to contact you!

Even if you aren't interested in the giveaway (You will probably spend more, I certainly did, there's so much fun stuff!) I hope that you will at least visit The Animal Rescue Site where a free click will still help sponser food for animals in need!


  1. I love animals.... so I'd be glad to use that gift certificate and buy more than I should (smile).

  2. This is so awesome that you're passing on the animal love!!! So you know that I have to enter this contest! You already know my animals, but for the rest of you, I have 3 cats - 2 male black cats and 1 female siamese/calico mix. We also have about 10 or so fishies which mainly serve as entertainment for the girl cat. Thanks for having this great contest!

  3. Hey, Shaunesay! this is a wonderful idea. If these folks ship to Canada, then I will gladly enter. If not, then please remove my name from the draw so someone who can use the prize can get it. We currently have three pets in our house, and all three were rescues. Blair adopted Jimmy, a Kalean Bear Dog (probably misspelled), a whole year before I moved up here. He's the most affectionate dog I've ever met in my whole life! My cats, Bobbi and Chester, are two kittens of dubious lineage who stole my heart 8 years ago when I meant to take only one home, and I couldn't bear to separate the last two of the litter, so they both followed me home. My next mission is to convince The GateKeeper to let me get pet rats or a ferret :wink:

  4. Thank you! We have a golden retriever, 5 cats and two rats so I definitely would love to pick up something for them while helping a great cause!

  5. What a great contest! I was just browsing their site earlier looking for something for my mother for her birthday in September.
    Well no big surprise here for those who know me at Book Obsessed & BC. I have two rescued Rottweilers - Pebbles and Bam-Bam. They're spoiled rotten. Love their cookies and belly/butt scritches. Main hobbies are sleeping, begging for more cookies and chasing the UPS or FedEx truck...along the fence line, not in the street.

  6. You know I'm an animal lover! I mean, I cried when my fish died!
    My dachshund is my best buddy in the world; I adopted him from a rescue shelter, but sometimes I think HE rescued ME.

    Scooter and I sponsor another dachshund through NSALA, and we also participate in animal-related causes (such as the local animal walk)..we've also been known to visit the fave color is purple so I love everything they have!! :)

    What a neat idea for a giveway. If I won the gift certificate, I'd surely spend more than the $10. LOL

  7. What a generous and thoughtful idea!

    We have a border collie/australian shepherd dog named Nancy and a cat named Fred. (My teen-age sons are soooo inventive when it comes to names ~ not)

  8. Shaunie this is a great contest and I do like the flip flops. LOL!

    I have a Toy Fox Terrier that I call Max, short for Maxine. She is such a luv muffin and she saved my life a year and a half ago when polyps in my stomach ruptured and I was bleeding out on my hall floor unconcious. She woke me up enough to call 911 even though I don't remember it. If it wasn't for her I would have died within an hour. I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.
    We got Max 5 years ago March two days after having our 5 year old Min Pin put down due to going into diabetic shock and his organs shutting down. That hurt so bad to loose him. Well anyway, we went looking at pet stores and found Max in one a few towns over. She was this tiny little baby in amongst larger puppies and she wasn't moving much so I asked to see her. As soon as she was in my hands she kissed me and that is all it took. She was so sick it cost us over $1,000 at the vet right away. Poor little thing. As you can imagine my heart was bleeding for her. Anywho, she is fine now and loves her mummy as much as I love her. My spoiled baby is spoiled rotten to the core but she deserves it.
    Just one more comment as I have probably taken up half a page here, always trust your dog or cat to know if there is something wrong with you. They do know you better than anyone else especially where they can spell 10 times better than us. Max knew I was in trouble and I owe her more than I will ever be able to repay her. Now I just need to stop crying.

  9. Aw Terra! *hug*

    I always start to tear up whenever I tell animal stories myself, even if they're funny ones, I don't know why!

    Sounds like you and Max were meant to be together!

    *pet pet pet*

    Just a few more days before I pick my winner!

  10. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Am I too late?

    Anyhow I had two collies and I miss them horribly. The older one died while I was in Spain; it was my birthday and first thing I woke up that day is that I somehow knew she's gone. Really can't explain how. When I called home they didn't want to tell me. She was old (14).
    Her daughter (12) died few month after her and I believe it was vet mistake. What an irony considering I'm a vet, but I live some 100 km from them and thought everything would be OK until my mom told me that something is going awfully wrong. when I arrived it was too late.

    Gosh it's so hard even to talk about them (I keep photographs hidden from my sight).

    My friends are telling me I should have new dog but I just can't. At least for now (that "now" is 3 years). Moreover I live speedy life often on the road with bunch of obligations so I think this way is better. For now :)



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