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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Book: Succubus in the City by Nina Harper

Lily is a Succubus, and has been for 3,000 years. Since the days of Babylon, where she was a priestess, she's been one of Satan's chosen, and had all of the finer things in life. The best clothes, food, great friends (also demons, but still totally loyal!), she's had it all, except love. After that long, you want someone to stick around more than one night (even if it's your fault they haven't, since you turn them to ashes!).

Being a Succubus isn't as great as it sounds, 3,000 years of one night stands can get a little old, especially when the men are not, shall we say, the prime of society. Rather Lily targets the ones that she feels humanity, and women in particular, would be better off without. When an investigation brings Nathan snooping around her door, she's knocked off kilter and can't get him off her mind. Around the same time, strange attacks on Lily and her friends have started happening, someone thinks they know what the girls are, and is threatening them. Is Nathan involved? Lily sure hopes not, because she just can't seem to stay away from him!

Succubus in the City was a lot of fun, Lily and her friends are very shallow in some ways, indulging in all the things that make them happy (I think the girls are single handed responsible for the popularity of Ben and Jerry's), as they inhabit the human world, acting very human in many ways in their likes and emotions, and even holding human jobs to fit in, and give themselves something to do. Most annoying character (but still very funny) is the Akashic Librarian, I think she'd get on anyone's nerves!

Complaints about the story, too much cliffhanger at the end! Nothing is wrapped up at all! *wail* But wait, da-da, there is a book 2 coming out this year as well, Succubus takes Manhattan! I definitely recommend this one if you're looking for a fun paranormal, and am looking forward to the next one!


  1. The "cliffhanger" endings seem to becoming more and more popular. While we readers are pulling our hair out with an anguished scream at the end, the authors are kicked back having a good laugh. :P
    I think that's one reason I'm always behind on series now. I wait to buy the first one until several more have been published then I don't have to wait so long between releases.

  2. If they have cliffhanger endings they really should have the next book coming out sooner rather than later. I hate the year wait for the next parts...some are quicker but it is still annoying.

    Oh and by the time the next book comes I have forgotten what happened in the last one!

  3. At least Succubus in Manhattan is also listed as 2008 on Fantastic Fiction, so hopefully it won't be TOO long of a wait. ;)

  4. I think I'll have to find this book. Looks great and I want something fun to read!

    I agree with the girls about cliffhanger endings. There should be some sort of law that says the next book needs to come out within a 3 month period! hehehehe!!

    Then we wouldn't suffer a wait!

    Hi Shaunie!


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