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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Amy Brown art - Bandaids!!!

I don't know why this was such a funny surprise to me, it's not like I've never seen character bandaids before, but it's just really funny that a fantasy artist that I like has her own line of healing fairy bandaids! LOL! Check it out!

Of course I had to buy some, I mean, collectible cards and such, you know? LMAO!

Check out Amy's website HERE. The bandages were under Special Items. Too funny!


  1. Shaunie these are fantastic. Much nicer looking than the care bears on adults. LOL!

  2. I love her art! It's just so pretty!!!!

  3. You know, I have been wearing a bandaid (well, I've gone through about 20) since Thursday on my ouchy on my hand. I'm sure I would have healed much better if I had had something this groovy on my hand!

    I sent my boss to buy new bandaids, hoping for Stitch bandaids, and all he bought me was generic CVS bandaids! No wonder I can't heal!

  4. What fun. It's almost worth injuring yourself for :-)

  5. I want some!! I can't get them here though...


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