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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Movie: The Forbidden Kingdom

Jason, a modern day teenager who is a fan of the martial arts greats, goes to visit his favorite pawn shop in Chinatown, where he's friends with the proprietor, Lu Yan. Discovering an old staff in the back room, he realizes it is the same as in a dream he had, but the old man hustles him back to the front room, where he pays for the movies he found and leaves. Getting waylaid by some girls that he knows, a gang of boys comes up behind him, and starts to give him trouble about having been in Chinatown, and his enjoyment of all things martial arts. Finding out where he had just come from, the boys force him to help them break into old Lu Yan's shop to steal his money. Lu Yan, mostly blind, finally realizes that Jason is not alone, and that's when things get out of hand. He tries to fight back, but gets shot by the leader of the gang in the process, and giving Jason the old staff, tells him to run, that he must return the staff to it's owner. At this point the fantasy adventure begins, as the staff transports Jason to another time and place.

I've always enjoyed Jackie Chan's comic antics, along with his martial arts prowess, and the scene of Chan and Jet Li sparring is great, also when they both decide to teach Jason how to fight, very very funny! I felt so bad for Jason, he really was getting the raw end of that deal in the beginning! LOL! The scenery and costumes of the movie are beautiful, and the story is a typical fantasy adventure quest, and enjoyable! The feeling I came away with was "well that was a lot of fun!" and I prize that feeling a lot, it's what I look for in my movie entertainment! ;)

I highly recommend it, if you're a fantasy story fan, or enjoy martial arts and/or oriental themed stories, I think you would like this one!

If you're a Jet Li fan, look for him in the 3rd of Brendan Fraser's Mummy movies, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor coming later this summer. I know I'll be there! Mmmmm Brendan Fraser! *drool*

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