Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Giveaway #6: A Babe in Ghostland

Case Lambert has a problem. He's just bought himself an old Victorian house to restore, and it's haunted big time, only he doesn't believe in ghosts. Surely everything he's experienced can be explained away somehow... or can it? That's what sends him to Megan Barrows, owner of Antique Fancies, a small antiques store in town. He's hired Eric Ramsey, a supposed supernatural expert, to help explain the activity in the house, and in turn Eric recommended Megan, believing her to be one of the few genuine mediums he knows. He believes Megan will be able to determine if there are any ghosts residing at the house or not.

Case gives Megan a bit of a test with an old watch that belonged to his grandmother before explaining his situation to her. He eventually convinces her to visit the house, no small feat, as a bad past experience while working with Eric and his paranormal investigation group SPIRIT has convinced her she would be perfectly happy only using her ability to fill her store with antiques that harbor happy memories. The temptation of the challenge finally gets to her though, the chance to prove to the skeptical Case that her abilities are real, though she ends up getting into something much deeper than she expected. Case's new home has a few inhabitants with a dark history and their own agenda.

This was my first read by Lisa Cach, and I really enjoyed it. In spite of knowing it was not a "real" ghost story recounting, I still found myself with goosebumps on occasion and reading more quickly to see what happened next! From the cover and the description I expected fast, light and fluffy, and while it was some of that, there was suspense and danger thrown in as well. I will definitely me reading more of Lisa Cach! I especially can't wait to check out George and the Virgin, the title and the description are just too funny!

Check out Lisa Cach's website HERE

And now for the giveaway! My gently loved, Bookcrossing labeled copy is ready to make new friends! I would love it if the winner would make a journal entry for this when they receive it (you can do so anonymously if you decide that you don't want to be a full-fledged member, and it is free), but it will be yours to do with what you like. To enter, please comment on this post, telling me if you do or do not believe in ghosts. I'd be thrilled to hear of experiences you've had! I will choose a winner on September 1st 2008. Remember to leave me a valid e-mail to reach you!

As for my own answer to the question, several people around me have recounted experiences of sightings or activity they couldn't easily explain, but I myself cannot say that I've had such an experience. I also can't say that I'm unhappy about that! I think it would scare me to death to have something happen, though I love to read about it and watch it on TV! Ghost Hunters just cracks me up!

If you like the haunted house idea, I've also got a movie to recommend. The Changeling, starring George C. Scott. My friend DragonGoddess turned me on to this movie one Halloween night and I could not sleep afterwards! It was very scary, but not in a bloody/gory way at all! It was definitely a mind trip, and now I can't help but get goosebumps every time I hear the racquetball my cats like to play with rolling or bouncing across the floor! *shiver* This movie is apparently based on a true story, give it a try!


  1. I don't believe in ghosts. Don't tell Dan Akroyd. :P

  2. Just because I love you, I'll send you George and the Virgin, which I'm having a hard time putting down.

    E-mail me your addy. And I'll be nice and tell you not to enter me for this.

    Unless you want to. A lot.

    (Oh, and all kidding aside, I've posted this at Win a Book for ya.)

  3. You are super generous SHG my friend, but I already have George awaiting me on the romance shelf! ;) and I do want to enter you, a lot, so you consider yourself entered! heehee!

  4. I believe there are ghosts, but I wouldn't wanna see one!! This books sounds fun! I hope I'll get to read it ;) Thank you!!

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  5. I'm not even sure myself!


  6. This books so like so much fun! I am adding it to my wishlist just in case. As far as ghosts, I know I have seen/and heard a couple of strange things in an old house I used to live in- so I definately have an open mind. I love Ghost Hunters (not the international one as much. I also have a "grownup crush" on Steve)

  7. I think that it is a possiblity since I truthfully do not know everything. (I thank God for that), so you never know unless you have had a 'close' encounter with one, but I would love a chance to read this book.

  8. I'm with the Cowardly Lion on this one! "I do believe in ghosts! I do! I do! I do!"

  9. No, I don't. My parents do, maybe that's the only reason!


  10. I don't believe in ghosts personally, but I do get scared easily. I always have this mindset where they might exist and pop out any second because I watch too much horror films.

  11. It's an off and on thing for me. My friends convince me that there are ghosts, then I unconvinced myself that there aren't any then my friends convince me again. It's a cycle. One thing that I do know is that I would love to win!


  12. I totally believe in ghosts!! Thanks for the giveaway!!


  13. Oh, I love watching Ghost Hunters! Although I think I'd end up peeing my pants if I ever tried to be a ghost hunter myself. I'm perfectly happy not having any experiences so far!

  14. I do believe in ghosts.

    I used to live on the edge of Champaign, IL, and to get to/from work and avoid going through the UIUC campus traffic, I wold drive along Kirby ave. There were two older cemetaries along the end/start of my drive (depending on where I was headed). I loved walking through them and photographing the older headstones. A few times, as I would go into the older section when it was dusk I would get definate "go away, you don't belong here". unhappy feelings (a few friends experienced this as well)

    I've had a few other feelings of oddness in older buildings and cemetaries, but that's never stopped me from visiting. I think they are so peaceful and pretty.

  15. Me and my mom were just talking about this subject the other day. She was telling me about visiting a phychic after her brother died. She had several different encounters while living in an apartment by herself and was sure that the ghost of her brother was visiting her. He seemed to come to alot at night when she was by herself and it was scaring her. Certain different things in her apartment would be mysteriously moved and one night while she was sleeping she said that she felt a presence sitting on the end of her bed. She went to the phychic to ask her what she could do to get him to stop scaring her. She told her to write a letter to her brother and leave it on her kitchen table and tell him that she loved him and missed him but he needed to move on because the different things that he was doing in her apartment was scaring her. She did this and after that she never had anymore encounters. So do I believe in ghosts, yes I do!

  16. I do believe in ghosts! Enter me, please!

    And do have a look at my blog for a giveaway!


  17. I believe in ghosts, always have and always will. There is just soo much more than what we're aware of.

    Count me in for this contest! :)

  18. This sounds soooooo great!! I am excited to have come across your site and this title. I would love to be entered and I have blogged about it at http://cafeofdreams.blogspot.com
    As far as ghosts go, I have a very deep belief in both them and the paranormal. As a person who has had experiences with family members who have just passed and experiencing insight of their passing prior to it happening, I have no other choice but to believe in it, lol. I have always been fascinated by this topic and love to read any books pertaining to the paranormal genre!

  19. This sounds like a great book! Do I believe in ghosts? Hmm… well, I grew up loving ghost stories a lot but have never actually met a ghost to my knowledge (of course when I used to get creepy feelings at my great- grandmother’s house I always left the room). I pretty much believe in anything until proven wrong and with all of the stories about ghosts and equipment that can capture their activity nowadays, it’s kind of hard to not believe even a little bit. Can’t wait for Ghost Hunters to come back on!

    (I’ve had a lot of spam recently so you can leave me a message on one of my blogs if you need to get in contact with me)

  20. I do believe in ghosts. My grandmother saw my grandfather watching her after his death. She knew he was just checking to make sure she was ok. Another time my father saw my uncle who had died. My father wasn't well enough to attend the funeral and so he thinks my uncle came to say goodbye. Thanks for the chance to win this book!
    mittens0831 AT aol DOT com

  21. I believe in ghosts, but I'd probably get scared if I saw one! The books sounds like a really good read. ;) Thanks for sharing!


  22. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I absolutely do believe in ghosts but not from personal experience, thank goodness. I have read too many things and seen too many shows to think otherwise. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. I want to believe!!

    But sadly don't....

  24. I don't believe in ghosts most of the time. But once in awhile there that little bit of maybe. I don't have any personal stories to relate, though. The book sounds great.


  25. Anonymous12:14 AM

    I believe in ghosts because when I was younger I woke up one night and swore I saw a ghost and it was holding me down. I couldn't move for a few minutes.

    Terri W.

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