Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #14 - What do I need?

This is a meme that I think has been going on FOREVER, in which you type "your name" and "needs" into Google to see what comes up. Recently another friend did it and was interested to see how it came out for me. So here goes. I've replaced my real name (which I used to google) with my alias Shaunie, and rearranged them a bit for maximum comedic value. ;)

Shaunie needs the internet (well duh!)

Shaunie needs to take a break (from the internet obviously!)

Shaunie needs to look for a job (instead of being on the internet, oh wait, you can do that on the internet can't you? Score!)

Shaunie needs to find a new agent (I bet I can do that on the internet too!)

Shaunie needs a bed in Mexico City for about a week in August. (that's news to me, can we visit some ruins?)

Shaunie Needs a Home (I might, if I went to Mexico City without the husband!)

Shaunie needs lots of guidance (oh no! Lost in the ruins! Help!)

Shaunie needs hydration after the walk (well, if I'd just stayed on the internet instead of walking to Mexico City I wouldn't be in this fix, would I?)

Shaunie needs to board the blob ship that is hovering overhead. (oh my, now I'm being abducted by aliens? Once again, proving if I'd just stayed on the internet this wouldn't have happened!) This one showed up a lot so I wanted to see where it came from:

Shaunie needs a very strong, patient adoptive family (I certainly will after all this jaunting around I've been doing. I don't know that my current family will take me back!)

Shaunie needs money (that's a definite after this Mexico City trip!)

Shaunie needs to go to school, and she needs her coffee to do so (oh no, you are NOT getting me back in school, but I will take the coffee!)

Shaunie needs a man (well, I have one, and he really wasn't too keen on me getting another one! However, the first one that came up for him was that he needed nude models! Well, if he gets nude models, that I think I can certainly have another man, don't you think?)

Thanks for the visit!


  1. Hi-larious, Shaunie. I'd forgotten about that meme. Hang on, I'll go try it...

    Apparently I need...

    * Developers.
    * your support to keep juggling so many musical events.
    *help to deal with Eugene's "death.

    Happy TT!

  2. Shaunie -

    Yours was way better than mine. You just have a way with words, making things so funny!

    CelticLibrarian -

    Oh Eugene! We barely new him!


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