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Thursday, June 29, 2017

One Love by Amanda Shofner

From Goodreads:

Be witness to the evolution of a relationship . . .

One night for it to begin

When Tony Aguilar hires Andrea “Drea” DeMatteo, he’s willing to do just about anything to get a good night’s rest—including paying a woman money to spend the night, no sex involved. And Drea can’t afford to turn down Tony’s offer, no matter how bizarre it seems. But when the two meet, the potential for more takes them both by surprise.

One year for trouble to brew

All is not well in paradise. Time has passed, things have changed. Tony wants them to change even more. But when Tony’s mother drops by for a visit—a surprise to Drea, not Tony—the omission leads Drea on a journey she never thought she’d take. And it’s a journey that teaches Tony just what Drea means to him.

One lifetime for their love

Happily ever after may be in Tony and Drea’s future, as long as their secrets don’t get in the way.

One Love is a great little romance where the set up is just enough, and you jump right into the feels! Amanda is great at making you care for her characters right out of the gate! I have to admit that I am a real sucker for the damaged hero story and I just wanted to hug Tony from the get go. He is such a good guy, and really needs help. While his method seems a little unorthodox, it pulls at your heartstrings and you want Drea to love him right away, because it's just what they both need. I like that we get the beginning, middle and end all together here in One Love, it's short but satisfying, and it was just what I needed in between the more serious reads I've had recently.

Tony and Drea's friends Mel and Ian are fun too, and I do hope we're able to get their story some day. they have a lot personality just in the small glimpses we get of them.  I want more!

You can check it out on Kindle for $1.99 here:  One Love

This was my first read for the COYER Summer Reading List Read-a-thon #1 (my Goodreads page with dates)

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