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Saturday, June 24, 2017

COYER Summer Reading List Read-a-thon #1 - E-books only

It's time for the first Summer Reading List Read-a-thon of COYER! We will be reading e-books only from our reading list, from Sunday June 25th - Sunday July 2nd!

Here are all the e-books on my reading list that I have to choose from!


Sunday 6/25:58% of One Love
Monday 6/26:42% of One Love - finished
Tuesday 6/27:6% of Ether & Elephants
Wednesday 6/28:9% of Ether & Elephants (15% total)
Thursday 6/29:no reading, reviewed One Love
Friday 6/30:9% of Ether & Elephants (24% total)
Saturday 7/01:-
Sunday 7/02:-

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  1. I have too many ebooks I think...I can't even remember what half of them are about! I'm planning another ebook blitz in either July or August to take care of some of it! I'm on paperback series catch up at the moment! Good luck!


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