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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Sunday Post #1

Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted  @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. See rules here: Sunday Post Meme

Welcome to my inaugural edition of the The Sunday Post! I've had two bookish changes in the last couple months, I've been trying out a few book subscription boxes, and I also joined up at Netgalley, which I've always been afraid to do!

Book Sub Boxes

This could become an expensive habit!  So far I have tried:
These three are all young adult boxes, so I wouldn't mind trying out some adult targeted boxes as well. If you subscribe to any book boxes, which ones do you like?


I was always afraid to try Netgalley because I often heard other bloggers saying how behind they were on their Netgalley reading. Having been in an owed book debt state before, I sincerely don't want to get overwhelmed like that again! I have been using Blogging for Books which allows you one book at a time, and you get to choose a new book once you review the one you have, no time limits, no stress. I have enjoyed that one a lot and plan to keep doing it, but decided to go ahead and give Netgalley a try. The challenge will be to not request too many! I have never been part of the ARC crowd before, so we'll see how it goes and if I can keep ahead of it! I can do this! I have been approved for three books so far, all of which I am excited about, so look for these to come later in the summer!

Last Week on The Space Between

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Next Week on The Space Between

That's all for my first edition of The Sunday Post! Next week I'll tell you about the challenge I'm currently hosting, and the new one I'm thinking about hosting, if I haven't talked myself out of it by then! Have a great week!


  1. Hey welcome to the Sunday Post! I haven't tried any of the subscription boxes yet, but I've seen people post on both Owlcrate and Fairyloot and they look awesome.

    I'm the same way, I've held back on Netgalley not wanting to get overwhelmed with ARC's but I've been thinking lately of jumping in too (and trying to be self disciplined lol). We'll see how that goes! Good luck with NG!

    I love that cover of A Strange Scottish Shore.

    1. I liked the cover too, it was the Scottish and Archaeology aspects that hooked me! It's actually a number 2 of the series, but I think I'll be fine with it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I never heard of Blogging for Books! I have been looking at Odd and True just not grabbed it yet. I am eager to see what you think.

    I had the uppercase box and have been wanting something different maybe even adult. Bookworm Box is adult but I don't know any others.

    Welcome to the Sunday Post! Have a great week and Happy Reading!

    1. When I actually started looking, there were so many boxes out there, it's overwhelming! I had heard of Uppercase and Owlcrate from friends, then saw Fairy Loot win a poll in a Goodreads group of the best sub boxes, so checked it out, but it's super expensive in my opinion, it's from the UK and it worked out to a little over $50 US including the shipping.

      I have really enjoyed Blogging for Books, I've gotten some good ones from there, The Martian, that 50 Women scientists book, right now I have A Shadow Bright and Burning, I've gotten a couple of Dr. Who books from their, check it out, it's super low stress, it's just read/review one, then get to pick another one.


  3. I've really wanted to try a book subscription box. Which was your favorite out of the three? I've been weighing pros and cons, but can't decide.

    And I'll have to check out your review for Passenger! It's been on my TBR since I heard about it, but still haven't gotten to it yet.

    Have a great week!

    1. I finally got my first Fairy Loot this week, which I ordered back on April 10th, and already had to order the June one on May 10th if I wanted to make sure I got one. So that was paying for two before I'd gotten any, it was iffy, but everyone kept saying how wonderful it is. It worked out to be a little over $50 US for that box, in UK 26 for the box, 14 for the shipping, so it is the most expensive of the three I've tried so far. Uppercase is the lowest and Owlcrate is in between. I have been pleased with all 3 so far, but haven't really taken the time to sit down and really decide which is the best yet.

      Passenger was good, I'm looking forward to Wayfarer to see how it works out!

  4. Welcome to the Sunday Post! We are delighted you joined and I hope you make some new blogger friends. I want to try an adult book box too, although the YA ones you bought are always filled with impressive things. Netgalley is wonderful, just keep your ratio high.

  5. Welcome to the Sunday Post! Subscription boxes look like a lot of fun.


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