Thursday, October 06, 2011

Oct 6th Frightful Check in - Ghost Hunting by The Ghost Hunters!

I've finished book #2, yay!

I enjoy the Ghoster Hunters TV Show on SyFy, so I was pretty sure I'd like a book of theirs too. This is the first of their books, Ghost Hunting, I have the second, and there are several more after that as well.

I'm pretty much a wuss when it comes to the paranormal, it doesn't take much to give me goosebumps. I don't think I've ever actually had an encounter, though others in my family have, my mother, my aunt, and my husband all have stories to tell. I'm okay with not having a story to share, really!

I like the show, mostly because I enjoy the people, the antics of Steve and Tango, the interesting places they go, the serious way Jason and Grant conduct their investigations, and I get excited by the flashlights turning on and off, or the meters flashing. But really many times I don't really hear the things they show was evidence, I totally rely on the subtitles, because I wouldn't get it otherwise, and a lot of times I'm not seeing anything in the footage without the highlighting circles.

I did enjoy this book, and it had me looking over my shoulder, and checking the cats to see if they were still asleep or concerned by a noise. There are many things that TAPS has done that they can't share on the television show, and a few of those are mentioned in the book. It's a mixture of family homes and publicized haunted locations, many of which I do remember the episodes for. If you're a fan of the show already, you'll definitely enjoy this, (what was that noise?) it's told from Jason's point of view, but always with a comment from Grant, so you still get that feel that you have from the show. They have had a lot more experiences, many more dramatic than anything they show on television.

273 pages down!

I'll be focusing on Fablehaven next I think.

Still working on:

Vicious Circle (Felix Castor #2) by Mike Carey - with my starting point at 3 hours left, I calculated that to be 92 pages remaining, and I've listened to about an hour of it on my drive back and forth to work since yesterday.

Fablehaven #4: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary by Brandon Mull - a fun YA fantasy series that I highly recommend. I'm somewhere around 100 pages read on this one so far, it's in the other room though, so I don't know for sure! ;)

How to Read Maya Hieroglyphs by John Montgomery - Reading this for my own non-fiction challenge, I'm at location 744, which I think is about page 80, so that will be my starting point for the read-a-thon. Update: I'm now at page 105 on this one.

Previously Finished:
What the Librarian Did
by Karina Bliss
249 pages

Finished page count: 522

TGIF Everyone! Day 5 here we come!

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