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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Done with Book #2!

Okay, so a bit of excitement since my last update. Hubby got called by work as soon as we'd decided to go for lunch, so we had to resort to plan B, which was me going out and picking up lunch and bringing it back, since he was now tied to his computer here. Not a problem, I was prepared and had already decided where to go. Until on the way back, I got rear-ended! We're fine, I think my car is fine, just a bit of scuffing as far as I could tell, I hope I'm right and there isn't anything wrong that I can't see! Aside from that, lunch from Chipotle was very tasty, and I have now finished my second book! Hubby is done with work for now, so maybe it's time for some coffee or something...

Currently Reading:

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Title: Dragon Temple #3: Forged by Fire
Author: Janine Cross
Total Pages: started on page 201-237
Time Started: 9:05 - 10:05 am, 3:40 pm
Time Finished:
Thoughts: Have already started this one, but want to try and finish it up during the read-a-thon. Probably won't read it all at one stretch, but will slip chapters in between other reads.
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Title: Dead Over Heels (Aurora Teagarden #5)
Author: Charlaine Harris
Total Pages: 253
Time Started:
Time Finished:


Totals# Books finished: 2
# Pages Read: 287
Time spent reading: 3 hour 45 minutes

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Title: Visions of Sugar Plums
Author: Janet Evanovich
Total Pages: 164 hopefully will be done with this one by the next check in, fingers crossed!
Time Started: 10:26 AM I kind of lost track, but I'm going to guess I spent about 2 1/2 hours total on this one.
Time Finished:3:15 PM
Thoughts: A mysterious stranger appears in Stephanie's apartment and tries to help her find the Christmas Spirit! And per the norm, yes, her car does get trashed. I don't feel like this is really a spoiler, since it happens in every book, and really it's just more of a confirmation that yes, this was another great Stephanie Plum story!
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Title: The Private Life of the Cat Who...
Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
Total Pages: 123
Time Started: 7:25 am
Time Finished: 8:40 am
Thoughts: Kind of like when a couple of cat-loving friends get together and tell stories on their treasured pets. Not really necessary to have read the Cat Who series, if you're a cat lover it would be a cute and fast read, but probably you would get more out of it if you are already somewhat familiar with the basic idea of the series. A nice quick start to my read-a-thon day!


  1. Good grief! Nothing like a little excitement to add to your day! Hope only good excitement after this. But now *I* want Chipotle! ;)

    I'm finishing up my second book as well.

  2. Yikes!! Glad everyone is okay and you still finished your second book. I'm off for a while to get ready for a dinner party. The food and wine are sure to be amazing because our friend is a chef. Too good to pass up. I'll check back in when we get back.

  3. I will second that "yikes!"

    Yummm... chipolte... Tom is making baked chicken wings tonight. I can't read AND eat chicken wings. This could pose a problem. ;) Maybe I should go get a chipolte bowl... dang it, now I want Chipolte too. I keep saying Chipolte.

    I hope you have a boring evening!

  4. Yikes, sorry about the car accident!!
    Looks like I have lots of catching up to do!!

  5. Oh dear! Why do we have so many obstacles during a readathon?! Hope your car is okay.

  6. A fun little ditty:

    There once was a girl from Leebrook
    Whose nose was oft' buried in a book
    Her hoarding got bad
    Her neighbors got mad
    So the townsfolk bought her a nook

    Happy Reading!

  7. Great ditty, Trisha!

    You've got the time and the books,
    I've got the cheer and the good looks,
    Between us two, we'll read all night
    Until the sky is once more light!

  8. Anonymous8:34 PM

    1, 2, 3, 4
    Hope your book isn’t a bore
    5, 6, 7, 8
    And your readathon is going great!

  9. Shaunie:
    You haven't posted an update since I left?! (Although I saw you posted on my page) Hope everything is okay and you aren't suffering any after affects of the accident.

  10. I thought I had, my last one says 7:22 pm, I'm trying to finish another book before I do my whole update again, but it's slow going. I'm fine though, still plugging away!


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