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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Spotlight: Higher M-Pact

Another visit we had this week was from the founder of Higher M-Pact, Tyrone Flowers. The every day experience of these kids is so outside of anything I can imagine. Mr. Flowers' own story is fascinating and an example of how these kids can succeed if given a chance. Please have a look.

Vision & Mission
Our Vision: Transforming today's high-risk urban youth into tomorrow's leaders:

* Leaders in their families
* Leaders in their communities

Our Mission: To instill hope and inspiration in high-risk urban youth and in every life we encounter.

Higher M-Pact deals with the high-risk youth no one else wants to deal with. These youth are involved in the Juvenile Justice System and delinquent activities, and society views them as a lost cause. Although these youth are difficult and challenging, they possess many of the characteristics that also make great leaders: strong-willed, influential, and charismatic. They are facing the toughest challenges imaginable but have qualities that can be nurtured into positive leadership.

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