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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WWW Wednesdays 10/20/10

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

* What are you currently reading?
* What did you recently finish reading?
* What do you think you’ll read next?

Then head on over to Should be Reading and leave a comment with a link to your post so others can see!

I'm currently reading:

Free image hosting at imagecave.comStrange Brew by a host of great Paranormal authors! So far I've read the Patricia Briggs and Jim Butcher stories and really liked them both!
Free image hosting at imagecave.comTrevor's Song by Susan Helene Gottfried -- Taking my time and savoring! This one has been awhile in the making so I'm enjoying it slowly! ;)
No coverGreat Gunfighters of the Kansas Cowtowns 1867-1886 by Nyle H. And Snell, Joseph W. Miller -- Wow the print in this book is tiny! I've only gotten through setting the stage of the time period and the first section about Charles Bassett. Much of this book is a collection of newspaper articles of the times, and it's very interesting to read these often flowery and humorous articles and compare them to the newspapers of today.
Free image hosting at imagecave.comI'm listening to Stalking Darkness (Nightrunner #2) by Lynn Flewelling

Since last Wednesday I finished reading:

Free image hosting at imagecave.comThe Murder of King Tut by James Patterson -- Here are my thoughts that I posted over on Goodreads: review, needless to say, I don't recommend this one, and can't quite believe that such an experienced author exhibited such bad judgement in subject matter and treatment. But then I'm a fan of Egyptology, so I'm probably more biased that a lot of people. I wasn't alone in my opinion however, just from reading some of the other reviews.
Free image hosting at imagecave.comThe Summoning (Darkest Powers #1) by Kelley Armstrong -- Very good! I'll definitely be continuing this series and looking into Kelley's other books. I recommend it and I've already bought the second book!
Free image hosting at imagecave.comBound by Donna Jo Napoli -- A Cinderella retelling set in Ming China. I really enjoyed this one, you really feel for Xing Xing, and have ups and downs with her sister and stepmother. Unlike the Cinderella story we're all familiar with, there are moments where they do show her kindness, although in the stepmother's case it is a deception, it isn't entirely with her sister. Though the ending follows closely to the traditional story, Xing Xing shows herself to be a strong young woman, who knows her mind, and who is determined to speak it! Highly recommend!

Probably up next:

Free image hosting at imagecave.comSlightly Settled by Wendy Markham
Free image hosting at imagecave.comImmortals: Evermore by Alyson Noel -- Loving the Teen Paranormals right now!


  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I like your taste in books! Bound sounds really interesting, I'll have to add it to my TBR pile!

  2. Oh man! I just got The Murder of King Tut in the mail and this is the fourth person I know that said this book wasn't good. Bummed now...:( Strange Brew looks really good but of course I love Patricia Briggs and I just started reading the Dresden Files. Happy Reading!!

  3. I have been wishing to read and still have Strange Brew on my wish list to try and get it used from a Paperback Swap member Shaunesay! Nice list of books you finished up there and Noel's series is on my TBR and have not gotten to them yet for some reason....

    Thanks for stopping by my Post earlier, happy reading!

    jackie >_<

  4. Like the list. I've read the the immortal series there's 4 so far and the 5th one is coming out in nov. I think it's a pretty good book and it's got a spin off series called Radiance it's about Ever's little sister. I think you'll like it.

  5. interesting line-up! Thanks for stopping by mine.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours has made me aware of some books and authors I've not heard of. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! I have been wanting to read The Summoning, too. I hadn't heard of Bound, but it sounds really good!

  8. I've been wanting to read that james Patterson book. Looks real good.

  9. Great WWW! I have been meaning to read the murder of King Tut. Going to go check out your review :)

  10. read a lot of books in 1 week, I'm too slow to read that many.

    A friend of mine recommended James Patterson, but it appears that you don't like his book. I haven't read any books by him.

  11. I realize that this genre is the rage now...thinking I will have to leave my comfort zone and read one. Enjoy all of your books!

  12. Thanks for visiting my WWW blog! :-D Your list scares the pants off me. Perfect reading this time of year!!!!

  13. Nice list! I'll be interested to see what you have to say about Evermore, since you loved The Summoning. (I still need to read the third book in the Darkest Powers series. I've got it in the TBR pile... but I keep forgetting!)

  14. The Immortals is on my TBR list too! Thanks for the comment on my blog post. Oh & I love your blog layout by the way. Soo pretty. :)


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