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Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Little Smackeral and Goal #1 Achieved!

I've made my first goal of 350 total pages with the little Doctor Who #2 book in the picture, "The Nameless City."  That one was cute, never underestimate the fearsomeness of bagpipes!  Also it was time for a snack, coffee #2 Coconut Mocha, and a big ol' sugar cookie!

A Big Hand for the Doctor - Eoin Colfer - 46 pages
Something From the Nightside - Simon R. Green - 230 pages
The Nameless City - Michael Scott - 81 Pages

Total Pages: 357

Next Stop, 500!


  1. It's the eleventh hour and you are approaching the halfway point. reward yourself with a breath of fresh air, a hot beverage of your choice and ... another burst of pages! We're here to help! #TeamMrPopper

  2. Congratulations on achieving your first goal and you are almost there for that 500!!

  3. Love your coffee mug! Congrats on meeting your first goal and here's hoping you're well on your way to that 500. Keep up the great reading!! =D


  4. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Oh I will never underestimate bagpipes. They kind of terrify me ;) Sounds like your readathon is going very well so far - keep up the great work!

  5. It's hour 15. It's time to shake it all up, and maybe change the reading material for something lighter, faster, easier, funnier. You've earned it. Go for a graphic novel, a comedy, a poem, a book of verse, anything, but make a change, just for a few pages or chapters. Oh... and now is the time for one of those super snacks you've been saving! ;-) #TeamMrPopper


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