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Thursday, August 04, 2011

An Uplifting Murder by Elaine Viets

An Uplifting Murder is the 6th installment in the Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper series. This time as Josie and her friend Alice are mystery shopping a lingerie store, they run into some people from Josie's past, a teacher from her school days, and another student who seems to be just as mean as an adult as she was as a kid. Shortly afterwards, they stumble across a body in the women's restroom, none other than mean girl, and Josie's investigation begins. There are many suspects, no surprise with the way she treated people, and Josie has her work cut out for her trying to save an innocent person from being blamed, as the police seem pretty convinced they have found the culprit, and aren't too interested in pursuing other leads.

Along with the mystery, we continue to be part of Josie's family, as the theme of this store is lingerie, we get to be part of Josie's daughter's growing up, and her mother's finally getting enough of the nosey next door neighbor, and of course, Josie's love life features prominently, but maybe this time she's found the one. We shall see!

I enjoyed this one as I have the rest of the series, Viets does a good job of making characters that we care about, and can relate to, in addition to a few that we just want to strangle. This is an entertaining cozy mystery series that I highly recommend.

For more information on the author and her work, visit her Website.

This was my 6th read for the Mystery & Suspense Reading Challenge hosted by Book Chick City (a fabulous blog that you should definitely follow!)


  1. Hi, Shaunie,
    I like the new name for your blog. Thanks for taking the time to review AN UPLIFTING MURDER. I'm working on the next Josie book now, so it's nice to know you liked this one, too.
    My books are also in e-format for your e-readers.

  2. Thanks for visiting Elaine! It's always exciting to receive comments from authors!


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