Thursday, July 14, 2011

The End!

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

Reading update:

I decided to go ahead and start on The Warrior by Kinley MacGregor, and it was still before midnight, so it counted! Here are my final stats, with the last few pages I managed before passing out for the night!

Currently reading:

The Warrior by Kinley MacGregor -- Lochlan goes to find his brother but has to save Catrina along the way. I'm pretty confused about what order to read this series in, but they're pretty much self contained stories, so it's okay! They're fast and fun, enjoyable historical romance! Pages read: 38
Blue by Lou Aronica, A girl and her father reconnect over a shared fantasy land they created, but found out was real, in order to save it from a blight. Started: pg. 43, current page: 171

Finished reading:

(Dark Elite #2)

by Chloe Neill
The Haunting of
Granite Falls

by Eva Ibbotson
Sketch Me If
You Can

by Sharon Pape
Started: pg 152
Pages read: 94
Pages read: 216Pages read: 293

Total Page Count: 769

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