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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Giveaway: Your Planet or Mine? by Susan Grant

Your Planet or Mine? is the first of Susan Grant's Otherworldly Men series. As a child, Jana Jasper had trouble talking, she just couldn't seem to get the words out, try as she might. Despite that she believed that life was magical, no matter what her teachers might have said. One night that magic is proven to her when she rescues a "magical" boy from the tree outside of her window. There is an immediate connection between the two, and somehow she is cured of her inability to speak from that night forward. She dubs him Peter, after another famous, magical boy.

Jana doesn't see him again, and as she grows begins to believe that he was just an imaginary friend. Her grandfather has high hopes for her, and she appears to be well on her way to achieving his dreams, taking her position as a senator very seriously, and aiming for the White House someday. Things start going downhill when some damaging accusations are made against her family concerning campaign funds, but she could never have imagined what happened next. A late night trip to the grocery store to get some ice cream ends up with Jana running for her life with a stranger who wants her to believe that he's her imaginary friend, all grown up! There is an assassin after him, and as if the fact that her "Peter" being a real life, well, um... alien, yeah that, isn't crazy enough, he's also come bearing a warning: His people have marked her planet for invasion, and they're already on the way.

Jana feels her life spinning wildly out of control, but one thing she's sure of, and that's that her feelings for "Peter" haven't changed, which is another major complication in the tangled web she's caught in!

This was a fun read. Even though Cavin (Peter's real name) is a pretty darn human alien with some really convenient technology, he's a very likeable character and the story had a good pace. I'm definitely interested in reading the rest of the series, which I believe follows Jana's brother Jared in My Favorite Earthling, and her sister Evie in How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days.

Check out Susan Grant's Website for more information on the author and her work!

If you'd like to get cozy with a hunky alien, now is your chance! I'm ready to pass my copy of Your Planet or Mine? on to make a new friend! As always, this is a gently used, Bookcrossing labeled copy. While I would love a journal entry from the winner (which can be done anonymously if you decide that being a member of Bookcrossing is not for you) the book is yours to do with as you please, whether that be keep it forever, or share it with friends, or whatever! To enter, please comment on this post and tell me if you believe that aliens have already visited us here on Earth. No answer, no entry! I will choose a winner on November 14th.


  1. Hey, babe! No need to enter me, of course. I'm dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail. I've got this posted at Win a Book for you.

  2. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks.

    avalonne83 [at] yahoo [dot] it

  3. There is sooo much space out there. I think it's quite possible that aliens have already visited us here on Earth

  4. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Well the universe is indeed a vast place that anything is possible. I do believe that there is life somewhere in space but I dont think they have visited us yet.:]

    I am actually taking a class about search for life in universe and so far, I am having the best of time. This novel definitely caught my attention. Thanks for the chance to win.


  5. I dont know whether this is open for overseas readers but if it is please count me in.

    Definitely I think we have visitors and they may think we are the aliens!


  6. yes, it is open to international entries. :)

  7. Anonymous12:30 PM

    This sounds like a good book, and I would like to be entered for the draw please.

    Yes I think there are aliens, and that they have visited us here on earth. There have been far too many sightings over the years, without valid explanations and not everything can be someone's imagination or fabrication.

    My bookcrossing ID is:

  8. I would love to read this! And I agree with everyone else that it's hard to imagine that in such a large universe that there are not other species out there and that they might have "found" us already :-)

  9. Hey, sounds like a good book! And I love a book with action. So, add me into the draw.

    As for the answer to your question: well, in the tradition of 'The X-Files' ... Trust No-One. :D

  10. sshahid12:39 PM

    Hmmm..naaa! I dont think they have really. But i guess i'm not that sure either :)

    sshahid from BC

  11. I think it's very possible that aliens have visited us already, but I'm not entirely sure.



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