Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Geocaching Sights

We took a fun trip to my college town this past weekend, Lawrence KS, home of the Jayhawks, for a little geocaching and shopping with friends Susan and Del.

This is my husband, modeling some fantastic starry sunglasses that we found in an early cache, while Susan and Del work on releasing a travel bug into the cache. As fabulous as he looked, we decided to leave the glasses there! ;)

We came across this awesome statue at a train depot that has been turned into the Lawrence visitor center. Also the painted Jayhawk below. There are many of these jaunty birds around town, modeled after the famous (infamous?) cow parade idea.

Fall colors abounded too, this is a tree in South Park, I love it when they are turning but still have some green, I thought this one was beautiful!

Right next to that tree is a bandstand and a garden that are quite nice.

Geocaching is fun, it's exciting to discover trackables, and there is satisfaction in solving a puzzle or locating a particularly well hidden container. I think the best thing though is that it has pointed out some things I wouldn't otherwise have seen, often near a place I've been many times. And I'm really glad that most cell phones have pretty good cameras now so I can share them!

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