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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

TV: Ghost Hunters or Ghost Hunters International?

Wednesday night is Ghost Hunters night on Sci-Fi, and sadly I'm addicted, even though I can't see half the things they supposedly catch on video, or understand most of the EVP recordings, I have to have the prompt at the bottom to have a clue what they think they heard! Both Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International is on during the evening, and my question to you is... which version do you like better?

Myself, I love all the interesting places that GHI goes to, but wow are they quick to proclaim a place haunted! I kind of want to see a show where Robb, Jay and Grant are all together and see what they decide, because the TAPS guys seem a lot more skeptical than GHI!

For more info on these guys, check out Ghost Hunters on SciFi, TAPS: The Atlantic Paranormal Society and GHI on SciFi (the downloads and gallery are funny, so dramatic! *giggle*)


  1. I deinitely like Ghost Hunters better than the International. I agree my other half and I really can't see or hear half the things they hear too! So you're not alone there. But back to which show I like better - it's nothing without Jason or Grant. But my fave episode is the Haunted Lighthouse. That was cool!

  2. I like this TAPS because they gave good points with good positive with solved about the fears of haunted houses. And, one of TAPS, I like the guy, Steve who afraid of spiders... and his own humor. But all of them are real good humorous people. Of course, I am ghost hunter. it rocks.

  3. I like Ghost Hunters more even though I haven't seen the show in months. International is okay when nothing else is on but I don't really like the people too much on that one even if they visit neat places.


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