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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Game Night or Madagascar the New Superpower

We try to get together with friends Susan and Del once a month or so for game night. I think as adults we really lose sight of how much fun it can be to play games with friends, it's a good stress reliever if you can get together and laugh and have a good time. I've come to really look forward to these nights, they are a lot of fun!

Last night we pulled out a board game, Risk, one of those games where you have your playing pieces on different countries, trying to control as much land as possible and conquer the rest of the world as fast and as brutally as you can! Last night was no exception, and we witnessed the rise of a new superpower in the world. Deciding it was wise to pull back and regroup, Del prepared to make a stand on Madagascar, with so many armies that he actually had to use the lid of the piece box to contain them all (he's all the red down there at the bottom right of Africa, if it wasn't obvious!), maybe you just had to be there, but I thought it was hysterical!

Now, I'm not a Risk expert, but I've played a few times, and I'm used to people holing up on Australia and then trying to make a stand from there, but not Madagascar! We were not going to get Del's lemurs no matter what! He controlled it for the whole game too, while I had to vacate my early hold on North America and head to Europe!

We actually ended up calling the game at 2 am, still not truly sure who would have won, as at that point, each turn can completely change who's got the upper hand! Thanks for yet another fun game night guys, I think we made Madagascaran history last night!


  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    We have a game night at our house every Friday. We usually have 4-6 people, sometimes as many as 9. It's a lot of fun and much cheaper than going out.

  2. Oh, I'm pretty sure we know who didn't win, at least - ME! Scott took out Brazil, my final stronghold, in a ruthless attack! Thanks for the fun game night!


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