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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Geocaching - yes, again!

We managed 7 caches today, all of them very fast and easy, until we got to the last one, note to self: Geocaching in a dog park makes people look at you funny if you do not have a dog along! This one was another bit of a wilderness adventure, though not so crazy as the last one, once again we seemed to go the hard and long way around, only to find the cache neatly hidden in the pocket of a tree very near the trail! Probably doing this one at the end of a rainy day wasn't the smartest idea either! LOL!

Our area seems to have some very active geocachers, which is very cool! They are soon having their 8th annual picnic, which we're going to try and attend with jezebelsk and hubby next month. It should be fun to meet some of these people that we've only seen as log entries on other caches. Several of them have logged thousands of found caches!!! Yes, plural thousands! Wow! We're only at 21 after today, we have a ways to go before we're "contenders" I think! ;)


  1. I wish I had a group like that here...

  2. I was actually very surprised by it, judging from how hard it is to get people interested in Bookcrossing around here. But then, I'm beginning to see that geocaching is a lot bigger than I thought it was! And I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I live in the same city as Garmin! I'm interested to see how many caches are out there once we fan out from our immediate area.

  3. I'm really excited about going to the picnic next month.

    You guys are starting to catch up to us - Del & I need to get caching!


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