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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Book: Blood Engines by T. A. Pratt

Marla Mason has a problem. Her closest rival for control of the city of Felport wants to edit her out, and there's not a thing she can do to stop it unless she can get close to a certain magical artifact. That's why she's in San Francisco, trying to track it down. What she hoped would be a quick in and out, turns into a much more difficult trip, as she comes across another sorcerer with his own agenda, and one that will affect much more than Marla's own existence. With her sidekick Rondeau, and a few other interesting allies, can she save the world in time, starting with San Francisco? And can she do it in time to save herself?

Marla is a bit of an abrasive character, but at her core she's in the right place. She's not interested in all the luxuries that power can bring, but she does enjoy being top dog. She's earned it, and she's not about to give it up to her rival without a fight. Myself I really liked Rondeau, and Bradley Bowman, B for short, is another sweet character the two come across that gets dragged along in their wake, through his own visions and sense of duty.

This is the first of the Marla Mason series and there's a little bit of everything in here, some Urban fantasy, some sci-fi, some Aztec Mythology and more. I enjoyed it a lot and am looking forward to Marla's next adventures in Poison Sleep.

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  1. I read a short story that this kind of reminds me of. Sounds like a good one!


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