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Monday, July 07, 2008

Another Weekend of Geocaching

It was a full three day weekend! The husband and I found 3 out of 4 caches on Friday the 4th, then 1 out of 3 on the 5th, and he found 2 out of 2 on the 6th!

We were feeling pretty confident on the 4th, after finding 3 out of 4, one of them a difficult one to spot, I didn’t know they made magnetic containers that small! None of the ones we tried for that day were too difficult, easy terrain, right where they were supposed to be (the one we didn’t find was probably still there and we just didn’t see it, so we’ll have to go try again!), and we even picked up a geocoin to help on it’s journey to another state, since we already had the bunny to place as well. We had a couple nice walks through a couple parks, one I’d never been to, and one I hadn’t been to in a long time.

Then the 5th rolls around, and I picked out some more caches that sounded pretty doable, given our newbie status. We’d been to the first park before, and were a bit familiar with it’s trails… or so we thought… Let’s just say that the placement of the cache itself was great, and as advertised as good for beginners on the terrain and difficulty level. However… I think we took the coordinates a little too literally, and so we were stumbling through the woods, completely off the beaten path, misdirected a few times where we saw a small snake napping on the side of this creek where the cache wasn’t!

Lesson learned LOL! We did find it, after deciding to give up and sit for a second on the BIG OBVIOUS ROCK, where lo and behold, was the cache nicely hidden by some bark on the back side, not anywhere in the waist high foliage we’d been wading through up to that point. The next two we had no luck on, even though we think we were right in the area where they should be. But it again got us out to a couple parks, one I hadn’t ever stopped at before though I’d driven past many times, and another one I hadn’t been to in years.

The 6th was more successful, though no less difficult from the sounds of it! I sat this one out, staying at home to catch up on some housework (and computer games heehee) while the husband went and picked up his son to bring him back for a summer visit. He took the two travel bugs with him for placement

and had success! The first cache was near the originator’s home, so the boys got to meet and chat with him, and the second cache sounded like a very similar experience to our wilderness adventure of the day before. Only this time the grass and weeds were about chest high on son’s 6’ 5” tallness! Eep! Gee, sorry I missed out on that one! NOT! *giggle*

We’re still very enthused despite some DNF’s (Did not find’s), and ready to start thinking about sending out some travel bugs of our own to see how they do, just have to find something good! We got some hints from a more experienced geocacher, so we’ll have to give those elusive ones another try in the future!

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  1. Cool adventures! You guys are more adventurous than we are -- possibly because you don't have small complainers in tow. Or it might have something to do with acting on your desire to get off your rump and do something. Or both.


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