Saturday, April 19, 2008

Book Giveaway: On the Prowl - Patricia Briggs, Eileen Wilks, Karen Chance and Sunny

My first giveaway! A quick note, all my giveaway books will be registered on Bookcrossing, which means that they will have a label on the inside from cover. These are already loved books, so they are not brandspanking new, but they will be in good condition. You do not have to be a Bookcrosser to enter, all I ask is that you do post a journal entry for the book when you receive it, and you can do this anonymously if you like, without becoming a member (though I will be thrilled if you decide to join!). After that, what you do with the book is up to you! Keep it or pass it along! Please leave a comment with an e-mail address on this post to enter. The winner will be chosen at random from all entries on May 1st. Thanks!

On the Prowl is collection of 4 short stories, or maybe better classified as novellas from Patricia Briggs, Eileen Wilks, Karen Chance and Sunny. I was excited to give this one a try, as these were 4 authors I had heard about, and even bought books from, but had not yet tried any of them out. I am not generally a fan of short stories, but I did enjoy these very much, and they actually made me happy to try any of these authors. My favorite two stories were Alpha and Omega, and Mona Lisa Betwining. The other two, Inhuman and Buying Trouble seemed a little less solid, but I still plan to read other books by these authors.

Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs
The werewolf Anna finds a new sense of self when the son of the werewolf king comes to town to quell unrest in the Chicago Pack -- and inspires a power in Anna that she's never felt before.

Inhuman by Eileen Wilks
Kai has a secret gift of sensing thoughts and desires. What she senses in her neighbor Nathan could be dangerous. Because he has a secret gift, too, and it's about to be let loose.

Buying Trouble by Karen Chance
In a New York auction house, a Lord of the Fey crosses paths with a fiery redhead mage named Claire. But in this strange underground society, the rarity up for sale is Claire herself.

Mona Lisa Betwining by Sunny
Among the children of the moon, Mona Lisa is of Mixed Blood -- part Monere, part human, and destined to be alone. Then she meets a man who could be her salvation -- or her downfall.


  1. Hi Shaunie,

    Very nice blog you have. I am adding you to my favorite's so I can visit more. I just found your blog through my google search :-)

    Great giveaway. I would love to be enter for this book. Sounds like a very good read and this one is on my wish/want list.


    Email: readingissomuchfun @ yahoo .com no space.

  2. I've been meaning to pick up this book for awhile. I really want to read Eileen Wilks, since I've never read anything by her. I'd love to be entered into this contest.

  3. I really enjoyed this book. The Patricia Briggs story is the start to her new series!

    You don't need to enter me though! I already read it ;)

  4. Hi Shaunsay! Great to see another Obsesser with a blog. And offering a wish list book in a give-away! :)

  5. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Hi Shaunie,

    A friend recommended your blog to me, which I have now added to my favourites.

    I would love to win a copy of 'On the Prowl, please throw my name in the hat.

    Lilly K

  6. I love anthologies! This was a great one too.

  7. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Hi Shaunie...loved reading your blog. I'll looking to catch some of your books when I'm in Olathe.
    Your drawing is a great idea.

  8. *waves at heartthumper* hi there! I wish you luck, there are several of us releasin' fools around Olathe, so I hope you stand a better than average chance of finding some! I know we run into each others books all the time! LOL!

  9. Great authors and a great contest. How does Bookcrossing work?

    Please enter me in the contest.


  10. I would love to read this one. I like Sunny's books and I'm looking forward to reading more Eileen Wilks and Patricia Briggs. (and I haven't forgot that I owe you one!)


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