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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Play: Rumors by Neil Simon

As I mentioned in a previous post, my husband and I are celebrating our 3rd Wedding Anniversary this week, and we decided to do this with dinner and play at our local New Theatre Restaurant. We saw Rumors by Neil Simon, this production starring John Davidson of Hollywood Squares and That's Incredible fame. Wow that's a bad picture that Wikipedia has of him! LOL!

The dinner was wonderful as usual, I love to go this place and always eat far too much!

The play was very humorous, another one of those hectic, everyone going nuts all at the same time type plays that are usually very fun! The basic synopsis is that 4 couples have been invited over to another couple's house to celebrate their 20th Wedding Anniversary (Wiki said 10, the people in the play tonight kept saying 20 *shrug*). When the first couple arrives, they discover the help gone, the wife missing, and the husband upstairs and bloody having shot himself, but with no idea of why any of it has happened. As each subsequent couple appears, the previous couples are trying to decide how much to let them know, and continue to make up wilder and wilder stories as to what has happened and why. Definitely a fertile field for a crazy time!

As I looked over the list of Neil Simon plays, it appears that the only other one I have actually seen (also at the New Theatre Restaurant) was Biloxi Blues, though I have heard of many of the others.

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  1. Bopping by real quick before heading back to the conference to say yes, the Metallica show where the roadie caught on fire and fell from the rigging was fixed.

    Happy anniversary! We marked #11 a few weeks back.


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