Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Christmas Plate

I have way too many hobbies, I really don't have time to work. The story of this plate is kind of funny, and it is the biggest painted pottery project I have done, so I'll show it off!

The story goes like this, way back a few years ago, oh, 2 or 3, or I don't even know how long for sure, we would often go to a pottery painting place (they have the pieces all ready to paint, you paint 'em, they fire 'em for you) and my mom kinda likes to start big projects. Apparently this one was bigger than she realized at first. So she painted on it a couple of times, lost interest for awhile (like over a year for awhile!) and then picked it up again, washed it off and started over, painted on it one session, and again quit. I'd keep saying to her, "hey, we should see if they still have your plate." and finally she says to me something like, "I don't want to work on it, you finish it for me." pretty much having written it off. Well, the store we go to called Walls of Clay had not only kept the plate, but taken it with them when they changed locations! In fact, they had almost decided to paint it themselves and use it as a display because they hadn't been able to find another one to sell, and they have a sign that they will only keep things for 30 days or so. But they're softies, and they really kept ours for, oh, at least several years! So I decided that for Christmas, I would indeed finish the plate for her! And so I did... 14 hours over 4 sessions later, voila, we have a Christmas plate, and we got to know the staff really well! I haven't been back yet... I'm a little burned out on painting. But I do have some ideas, so I'm sure we'll go back eventually! ;)


  1. Every time you mention this, I keep thinking that I have to go. I love crafty type stuff, though have very little talent for it. But you won't laugh at my feeble attempts, will ya Shaunie?

    Again I think - I must go to this place.

  2. Of course I won't laugh at you! Keep in mind, all those little pictures on the plate were already there, so pretty much I was just coloring! They have plain plates and bowls and such, and then they have little figures, and just all kinds of stuff! We will go. And I will not laugh, I promise! :)


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