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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tackle Your TBR Color Challenge

This has been a great read-a-thon for me so far, I met my meager goal of 400 pages yesterday with a few days left! I saw others doing this challenge on Twitter and thought, oh color! I can do that! lol!
1. Pick a color.
2. Find five books with covers almost completely in that color (they need to be at least 2/3 that color).
3. List the books or paste the pictures of the books online in a post on your blog or on another site.
4. Then come back here and leave a link to where you posted in comments (so we can all see) and in the rafflecopter for the giveaway.

I chose yellow for a couple of reasons, because my husband really likes yellow and it's never been one of my favorites so I rarely choose it for anything.  I always go for the red and purple and pink flowers in the spring and he wants yellow!  So that's why I went different this time and chose it!

I stuck with titles that I either have read, do own, or plan to read at some point, so here you are, an odd collection of yellow covers! Actually I think I do own all of these except for the Red Herring Without Mustard, but I have started the series, so I'll get to it eventually.

1 comment:

  1. Yep. Those are definitely yellow. They catch the eye. That's for sure. ;) Glad you decided to join the challenge! I've been having a blast seeing everyone's choices.


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