Monday, July 22, 2013

Mini-Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

And so my first Bloggiesta comes to a close, and while I didn't get my whole list done, I do feel that I made progress and got some good ideas to work on.

What I finished:

  • Decide on and post a new giveaway done!
  • Set up High Summer/Doin' It Dirty and Christmas in July Read-a-thons Starting Line post done!
  • Change layout? I like the 2 sidebars, but maybe they're too busy, so what do I really not need, or can move a separate page? (advice welcome!) done! But thoughts still very welcome!  I switched to one wider sidebar and got rid of a lot of elements that I realized were only for me, not visitors.  We'll see how I feel without them (like follower widgets, maybe they really are good? or no?  Thoughts?)
  • Find a manageable weekly meme (used to do WWW Wednesdays and Teaser Tuesdays, maybe I'll pick that back up, suggestions for easy to maintain memes welcome!)  sort of done, I was given several ideas to look at, and the ones I used to do are still going, so I may pick those back up, but I haven't made any real decisions yet, and ideas are still very welcome!
  • Visit other Bloggiesta participants. done! Returned visits from everyone nice enough to visit me, which is probably all I will get done this time because I am slow, and visiting and commenting is definitely something I need to work on!

  • Still to do or new ideas:

  • Post a new Random Read review.
  • Think about a Random Read giveaway - since they may no longer be freebies, but I enjoyed them, they might be good candidates for affordable giveaways!
  • Review labels on past posts and make them more useful.
  • Decide on a Meme to do.
  • Read through all the chellenges for more ideas and advice.
  • Start on Vacation Series Posts.  I had a couple comments from people interested to come back and see this, so while I didn't get it done this weekend, I think it's worthwhile and will try to do them in the near future!

    • Badlands
    • The Mammoth Site
    • Mount Rushmore
    • Devils Tower
    • Yellowstone 
    • Grand Tetons
    I really enjoyed my first Bloggiesta and hope to be able to join in the future.  It got me interested in blogging again and I'd kind of lost that for awhile.  Thanks everyone who hosted and dropped by to comment!

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