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Thursday, December 01, 2011

3 December Read-a-thons

I've found 3 read-a-thons in December so far that I'm going to participate in! It's typically a pretty busy month with the holidays, so I don't expect to get a lot done, but I do enjoy the read-a-thon vibe.

The first one is the Second Annual Holiday #Readathon hosted by WhoRuBlog. This one runs from Dec. 2nd - 4th (Fri - Sun) so it starts tomorrow! There is a charity component to this one, so what I'm going to do is donate for all three read-a-thons, to make my donation better, and I've chosen Wayside Waifs, a local no-kill animal shelter, as my charity of choice for this month! I will pledge $5 for each book I finish during these three read-a-thon's. We'll be using Twitter Hashtag #readathon for this one.

Next up we have the first time Snowy Days Read-a-thon Dec. 5th - 7th (Mon - Wed) hosted by Turning the Pages. We'll be using the Twitter Hashtag #SDRAT. I'm hoping we don't get any snow, since I have to work anyway, but if we do that's okay! ;)

I've posted about this one once already but wanted to include it again. This is the Wrapping Up 2011 Read-a-thon hosted by Jessie's Remarkable Reads It's her first time hosting, so lets make it a great one so she'll keep on doing it! The read-a-thon lasts from December 22nd - January 1st. There is also a Twitter Hashtag to use: #WU2011R

So there we go! Come join us for some reading in December! Maybe it will help you finish up those reading challenges! Not me, I'm way too far behind for that!

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  1. http://www.whorublog.com1:07 PM

    So glad you're joining us! Happy reading and thank you for such an amazing, inspiring act of kindness! Enjoy the mini-challenges & I'll see you during the Twitter Party on Sunday night for more giveaways and fun!


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