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Monday, December 05, 2011

Snow Days Read-a-thon Dec. 5 - 7, 2011

Next up we have the first time Snowy Days Read-a-thon Dec. 5th - 7th (Mon - Wed) hosted by Turning the Pages. We'll be using the Twitter Hashtag #SDRAT. I will post my starting line and updates here, all in the same post.

Starting line - Dec. 5th - Monday

Starting point Day 1: page 142
EOD1: page 163
EOD2: page 202
EOD3: page 240
Starting point Day 1: Page 110
EOD1: page 126
EOD2: 184 - finished
Starting Point Day 1: 0:0:0
EOD1: 0:41:00
EOD2: 1:20:00
EOD3: 2:02:00

Day 1 Stats

Pages read: 37
Time listened: 0:41:00
Books Finished: 0

Day 2 Stats

Pages read: 97
Time listened: 0:39:00
Books Finished: 1

Day 3 Stats

Pages read: 38
Time listened: 0:42:00
Books Finished: 0


Total pages read: 172
Total time listened: 2:02:00
Books Finished: 1

Not my best ever, but every page read is a page farther along! ;)


  1. Good luck! I posted my starting post too! I'm just gonna read as much as my brain will handle! :) Happy reading!

  2. YAY! Great post... I am off to create my starting post! I will have a linky on it so we can all link together... Check back shortly!



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