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Sunday, April 10, 2011

You are getting very sleepy...

Why yes, yes I am! I think only managing 30 more pages in 2 hours is a hint that I'm done for this read-a-thon, since I do have function at a nearly normal time today, I'm going to hit the hay.

I had a great time this year, was more relaxed, added Cheerleading to the regimen, and feel quite successful even with I think a lower page count than previous read-a-thon's. It's still 6 times what I would do on a normal good reading day!

Thanks again to the hosts and the other cheerleaders, and everyone that makes this such a fun event! Time to start thinking about October!

Final page count: 646


  1. Thanks for stopping by. Well done, you lasted longer than I did.

  2. Thanks for staying up late enough last night to cheer me on my blog! You did great! Loved your cheer!

  3. You done good! Finished several books, read lots of pages, and even took time out to be an official cheerleader.

    By the time you left your last message on my blog, I was already asleep on the couch. I finished two books during the Read-a-Thon and then finished the 3rd one at lunch today. Thanks for the encouragement and we'll have to do this again in six months!

  4. And a great cheerleader you were, indeed! Thanks for cheering me on during those particularly tough hours of the night/morning!

  5. Anonymous1:26 PM

    You did better than I did by far.

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I really enjoyed this readathon, such a fun experience. I hope you did too!


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