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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Heading into the evening - Hour 11

Hour 11 is coming up fast and I'm feeling a little sleepy. Buffy asked in my last post what my favorite thing at the Thai buffet was and I have to say on the weekend they usually have a red curry flounder that I LOVE! Today they had done it with catfish, which was fine, because I love that too! I also love their glass noodle eggrolls. *drool* We also got some iced coffee, got the car washed, checked my PO Box and did a quick errand at Target, all during which I was reading as my awesome husband drove the car. :)

I think I'm reading way slow this time, but feeling much more relaxed than the previous two read-a-thons that I did, so I'm okay with it. I'm enjoying myself!

I've finished my second complete book and am ready to start on my third. This time I'm going for humorous romance, Manhunt by Janet Evanovich. I posted both the old and the new covers for you because I think they're funny. Obviously this is a reprint of an old Loveswept title for her.

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Finished books and pages read:

Pretty in Ink by Karen E. Olson - 31 pages
The Pirates! In an adventure with Scientists by Gideon Defoe - 133 pages
Wake by Lisa McMann - 210 pages

Total Pages: 374

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Off to visit a few people, check in at the Dewey's Blog and then back to reading!


  1. Yum! I don't think I've ever had a fish curry. The eggrolls sound great, too. I don't care for coffee, but I'm having some tea right now.

    I'm enjoying my second book.

    You are motoring right along! Time for me to jump back in as well.

  2. Heehee! I was over on your blog posting while you were over here! :D

  3. Keep on keeping on! I tried the fish tacos last night and wasn't the least bit impressed. They were made with tilapia and were dressed with *tartar sauce*. Somehow that just doesn't ring as authentic Mexican.

    I like those Janet Evanovich re-releases. Total fluff, but just as zany as her Stephanie Plum series. I'm heading off to find some supper & then get back to reading.

  4. I'm enjoying myself more too...I think because I am going a little better job balancing reading books and following what others are doing. So glad I'm using Google Reader this time. :)

  5. dancing-dog6:06 PM

    I'm more relaxed this time around too - I think it's because I'm not on the computer as much so not stressing about losing time reading. Also I decided I really don't have the time to do any of those cute mini-challenges because they just slow me down.

  6. looks like you're making a great go of it. Isn't the point to enjoy yourself? Love Janet Evanovich even the reprints of the older stuff. Her books are pure entertainment! Keep on Reading!



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