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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Waiting for Dewey's...

So we're about 3 1/2 weeks out from Dewey's 24 hour Read-a-thon, April 2011 edition, are you getting excited yet? I am! This is my third time out, and I think I'm going to try a much more relaxed approach this time, no template, and not as many blog posts (I think I overdid it on updating the last two times), I may count pages, but won't worry about how much time I actually spend reading. I will definitely still visit friends and other random 'thoner's, and check in at the Dewey blog to see if there is an easy mini-challenge.

Part of the fun for me is picking out the stack of books to choose from. I like to go for shorter books with a bit larger print, that I think I can get through fairly quickly. I seem to start thinking of books that would be good almost the day after the previous read-a-thon, and it's torture thinking about how long it will be until it starts! Here are some of my choices so far, but we all know that it's all about mood on the big day, so I may end up going with something completely different when it's time!

Who else is doing the read-a-thon this year? What books have you picked out so far?


  1. I'm doing it! I imagine I'll still be wading through a pile of review books by then so that's what I'll be reading!

  2. I'm really looking forward to it as well. You've inspired me to work on compiling my stack when I get home from house-sitting!

  3. I'm ready and looking forward to it. Just changed my Saturday Ritual appointments to Friday so that I don't have any distractions this time!


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