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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Invisible by Lorena McCourtney

Invisible is the first of the Ivy Malone series by Lorena McCourtney. I love the cover, I think it's very cute! Those are tombstones she's peeking over by the way. I picked this up free for kindle, and at last check, it was still listed that way, so if you have a kindle or the kindle app, head on over to Amazon and pick it up: Invisible for Kindle.

Ivy Malone is a widow who lives alone, right next door to her best friend, who has taken in a nice young woman as a boarder. Ivy and her friend have been troubled by the recent vandalism in a local cemetary where some of their relatives are buried, and vow to do something about it. What Ivy discovers is that because she is an elderly lady, she seems to be invisible, that people don't pay attention to her, and overlook her presence. While this seems like a discouraging revelation at first, Ivy decides to use this newfound "power" to her advantage. She bites off a little more than she's ready to handle when her investigation uncovers a plot that is much more dangerous than just teenagers vandalizing some headstones, but instead involves murder!

Ivy is an endearing character, with plenty of moxy and a strong faith in God (this is labeled as a Christian mystery) to get her through tough times. She definitely has a mind of her own and refuses to be intimidated, by the police, or the bad guys! I enjoyed this cozy mystery and would definitely recommend it, and look forward to continuing the series.

For more information on Lorena McCourtney's mysteries and romances visit her Website.

This is my third read for the Mystery and Suspense Challenge over at Book Chick City!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I downloaded it today!

  2. I read this one earlier this year. Pretty good -- and I'm going to enjoy reading others in the series.


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