Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day to tell me what I'm reading next year!

Today is the last day for my poll to help me decide what series to catch up on next year. So far you all have been really unhelpful in making it a tie between 2-3 of the 4! ;) I guess that just means I picked some good ones! If you haven't told me what to do yet, now's your chance! Yes, smart aleck remarks are okay, as long as they're not too mean! Just check out my side bar and you'll see the choices.

Working on finishing up one more book today I hope, that will bring me to 133 for the year, my best ever! I will post a year end favorites sometime in the next couple of days I hope. I've read and listened to some great ones this year!


  1. Well I have already voted and I stand by my choice. lol Oh I know, you can just read all of them in 2011!! LOL

  2. OK -- I broke the tie by voting for the Rachel Morgan series. But I *really* wanted to vote for the Weather Warden series since I now have books 1-6 on my shelf and have not read a single one of them. If you were to ignore the poll results, we could commit to read them together!

    I have two more Sookie Stackhouse books to read until I'm caught up with Ms. Harris -- though a new book is due out in May. I don't think I'm interested in the Women of the Otherworld series, but I'm willing to be talked into it. And I've only read 2 of the 8 Rachel Morgan books. Since I only own one more, I wouldn't get very far along. Of course, if you read through all the Rachel Morgan stories this coming year, you could send the books to me and I could catch up in 2012.

  3. So I voted & caused another tie. Oops, my bad! See ya tomorrow!! Happy New Year! *hug*


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