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Friday, February 13, 2009

Audiobook: Wedding Season by Darcy Cosper

Can you even imagine going to seventeen weddings in six months? I sure can't, but Joy Silverman, who really doesn't believe in marriage, is getting to spend her entire spring and summer doing just that. Even her parents are getting remarried, but not to each other. With a rainbow of bridesmaid dresses in her closet, and a bulletin board of sticky notes to keep her on track, Joy faces wedding season bravely, watching just about everyone she knows walk down the aisle.

As the weddings of the year are cataloged, we get to see Joy's struggles with what it is about marriage that she disagrees with, all the while believing that her boyfriend Gabe shares her views. Does she want to spend her life with him? Absolutely! But why does that have to include marriage vows? No marriage could possibly live up the ideal, and is doomed to be a disappointment, right? So why is everyone so keen on the idea?

Wedding Season is at times humorous, painful, uplifting, and sad, but altogether an enjoyable read. I wish it had ended differently, but then, we don't really know how it truly may have ended, so I can write my own end end in my imagination. ;) The characters are lively, especially Joy's best friend Henry (a lesbian, but also getting married). The narrator did a good job bringing each character to life, so we can laugh, cringe, or want to share a hug at each of Joy's experiences.

This seems to be Darcy Cosper's only title so far, but I wouldn't hesitate to check out another by her.

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