Sunday, February 01, 2009

Winner: Scot on the Rocks by Brenda Janowitz

Okay, so Jan 31st came and went, and I was naughty and chose to spend the beautiful day out geocaching with my poor overworked husband. Much bushwhacking, slogging through mud, and balancing on rocks in a shallow creek was to be had, we even kinda sorta climbed a tree! As well as a couple pretty much out of shape people are able to climb a tree heehee!

But now I'm back, and ready to applaud the winner! Without further ado, my copy of Scot on the Rocks will be going to...


Liviana's favorite Scot is Hume the philosopher, which makes her MUCH better read than I! Please check out her blog In Bed With Books of which I've just become a follower!

Congrats Liviania, now you can find out the beginning of the story, since you've read the second book already! LOL!

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  1. Haha, Hume is required reading for one of my courses. But I must like him b/c he's better than the other guys I'm reading in that course. He's nice to me, so . . .


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