Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Musical: The Lion King

The Lion King is by far and away my favorite Disney movie. The colors, the animals, the music, all of it combined to make an awesome whole that just really reached in and grabbed my heart and didn't let go. In fact, it is the only cartoon that has ever made me cry, and it did that the very first time I saw the preview for it at another movie, way back when! So when I found out there was a Broadway musical for it, I have always wanted to go. Finally it came here, and you can bet the first time I saw the commercial on TV, I was determined to go!

All the expected favorite songs were there, plus some from the follow up sound track Rhythm of the Pridelands, He lives in you is also one of my favorites next to Circle of Life, the one that I can't ever seem to listen to without crying *blush*. The costumes are technical marvels and so different from any musical I've ever seen. It was a real challenge for them to retain the feel of the movie live on stage, but it was truly amazing.

This video is from the Tony Awards and gives you just a taste of the costumes and the majesty of the show, but really can't do them justice.

It was interesting to me the mix of characters that were kept very true to the cartoon movie image (Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa and the hyenas), versus those that were more stylized but full body puppet type costumes (all the other lesser non-main character animals), and then all the lions, who each had a head mask and often a tail, but then were dressed in African patterned flowing pants and wraps. The lionesses were very beautiful and stately, Mufasa very majestic.

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed it, it was just beautiful and so interesting. If you get the opportunity to go, take it! you won't be disappointed!

Take a look a the Official Disney Lion King Website for more information and a photo gallery!


  1. After being ridiculed for not taking #1 when he was around one year old, we took both kids last year. You know: now that they're old enough to understand (and dig) what they're seeing.

    #1 initially didn't want to go, claiming it was for girls. Need I say he was totally captivated? Both kids were. Of course. It's the costuming; simply brilliant.

  2. It's not my favorite Disney film but I'd really like to go see this one day. Actually I wouldn't mind seeing all of the Disney Broadway plays. Mary Poppins is the first on my list though.


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