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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Blogger's Mindset by Amanda Shofner

From Goodreads:

What makes bloggers give up and step away from their blogs?

Burnout. Feeling overwhelmed or defeated. Over-committing. Jealousy. Life.

Sound familiar? Your blogging experience is shaped by how you approach blogging and how you think about it. The Blogger’s Mindset is about finding your way to the right mindset.

Learn how to build your blogging foundation and keep blogging when the blogging gets tough. Determine your why, who, and focus. Get real about your commitment and the nuts and bolts of blogging. Address your brand and evaluate your approach. Check your attitude. Find out what it takes to stick with it.

The Blogger’s Mindset is an uplifting slap in the face. It brings the harsh realities of blogging to you while at the same time offering you encouragement to go on, find your purpose, get focused and make it work for you.

There is good advice for blogging that is also good advice for life. I felt like Amanda wrote this just for me, addressing my negative self-evaluations and making me realize that no one else is making those comparisons, just me. You have to get rid of undermining thoughts; they are only a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The answers to success are inside you, Blogger’s Mindset gets you to ask yourself the right questions:
  • Why are you blogging?
  • Who are you blogging for?
  • What is your purpose?
  • How can you build a community?

If you answer these questions truthfully, it might change your whole perspective about your blogging method and style.

I put off reading Blogger’s Mindset until I hit one of those low points where I start asking myself, why bother? Who cares? Why am I doing this? It was the perfect time for it. While it would be helpful to bloggers at any time and stage of their blogging career, it was more powerful for me when I was experiencing one of those down turns and needed that pep talk/swift kick from someone who’s been there. I plan to keep it handy to look through again whenever I fall into one of those dips in the road.

Visit Amanda's business website, The Path of Least Revision for tips, tricks and editing services.  She knows her stuff, she does!

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