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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Seriously Series Challenge - 3rd Quarter Check-in

We're heading into Fall and 3/4 done with the Challenge!  Well, it's 3/4 over, I can't say I'm 3/4 done!

Since my last update I haven't added to or subtracted from any series, but it's time to take a good hard look at what I can reasonably finish by the end of the year.

I did finish two more series this past quarter, I'm caught up on the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and The Vampire Empire trilogy by Clay and Susan Griffith, so that makes 4 total, all in the Series Started Before 2013 category.  That means I've already achieved the Semi-Serious level.  I haven't finished anything in Series Started In 2013, I'm a slacker!

Books read in 3rd Quarter towards the challenge:

An Echo in the Bone - finished 8/9/13 - series done!
The Kingmakers - finished 8/6/13 - series done!
Valiant -Finished 9/9/13
Dragon Bound - finished 8/24/13
Once Bitten, Twice Shy - finished 8/1/13
Faefever - finished 9/28/13

I've finished 19 of the 34 books/audios/short story/novellas on my list, and I should be around 24, so I guess that catching up didn't happen!
I seem to be averaging 5-6 reads per quarter from the list but I have 16 left.  I'm pretty sure I'll stray from the list, so the question is, do I shoot for Seriously Serious in Before 2013 by finishing 3 more series, or do I try to finish something In 2013 so that I can make it on the board?  Maybe I can do both, let's see!  I only have to finish one to achieve Semi-Serious.

Started Before 2013:

Kushiel's Avatar - This will finish up Phaedre's Trilogy for me
Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors - This will catch me up on Jane Jameson
Endgame - These two will finish up the Sirantha Jax series for me, and get me to that Seriously Serious level with 7 finished.

Started In 2013:

Ironside - This will get me on the board for Semi-Serious!  I've made it my Dewey's goal this year.

So I'll make those 5 my goal for 4th quarter and see if I can't do better than that!


  1. I totally believe in you! TOTALLY! You can take those 5 and beat them down with a tire iron. Or just read them. Your choice.

    *\o/* *\o/* *\o/*

  2. Good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I read that! I just love you Kelly, you are the awesome, truly!


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