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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bout of Books 4.0

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

It's time for another Fantabulous Bout of Books Read-a-thon! This is my starting line post, and I'll update here as well. We'll be on Twitter too, using the hashtag #boutofbooks. Come join the fun!


700 pages = 100 pages per day (paper or e-book, not audio!)


Zero Control by Lori Wilde

An air marshall poses as a romantic vacation tour guide to try and stop a saboteur. Just the kind of quick fun I'm looking for!

Start: pg 1
Day 4: pg. 120
Day 5: pg. 213 - finished!
Stay the Night by Lynn Viehl

Listening to Hood has put me in a Robin Hood mood, so it was the perfect time to get around to Darkyn #7, about the Prince of Thieves himself!

Start: pg. 1
Day 1: pg. 96
Day 2: pg. 216
Day 3: 317 - finished!
Murder Past Due by Miranda James

I've usually got an e-book going too, so I can sneak in a few pages on my phone here and there. I wanted something non-para romance, so a cozy mystery it is!

Start: pg. 1
Day 2: pg. 25
Day 4: pg. 57
Day 6: pg. 107
Day 7: pg. 208

Total Books Finished: 2.7
Total Pages Read: 738

I made my goal! I admit I made it pretty achievable since I had to work last week. Thanks again for our wonderful hostesses and I can't wait for the next one!


  1. You're the second person that I've noticed have a page count as a goal instead of the number of books. 100 pages is very realistic. A couple of Bout-of-Books back I started added a page count to my progress pages. The only problem I have with that is with the ebooks that don't have an actual page count. I did look back and realize that I averaged about 150 pages a day last time. We shall see! As long as I get past my 5 book slump I'll be a happy camper! Good luck and have fun!

  2. 100 pages is definitely doable, I wish you luck!

  3. Page count goal is awesome! I didn't make a page count or a book goal at all...I always seem to fail so I left it open, lol. Good luck!

  4. I really like the page goal! That's awesome :)

  5. Another read-a-thon! We love them, don't we? Good luck with your goals this week. I'll see you on Twitter!

  6. Yay! Great progress. I'm keeping an eye on you.

    @creativedeeds if your eBooks are on the Kindle there's a formula to translate locations to pages. I think other brands have something similar.


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