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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Giveaway: Help me Celebrate my 7th Bookcrossing Birthday!

I always seem to miss my Bookcrossing Anniversary, I joined on August 21st in 2003 and will be 7 this year! This time I'm going to remember by giving away some books! Please keep in mind that all of these books are used and Bookcrossing labeled. You do not have to be a Bookcrosser to enter this giveaway, and while I would love a journal entry from you if you win (which can be done anonymously if you decide that Bookcrossing is not for you) the book is yours to do with as you please.

To enter, please comment on this post to tell me which titles you are interested in, list them in order of preference please, as I may have to draw names. Also, please tell me what about the book interests you on each one. Gotta make you work a little bit, right? Please also give me an e-mail to contact you with. I will choose winners on August 21st.

This giveaway is open to the US and Canada, I apologize to my international friends, but a couple of these are hardbacks, thanks for understanding!

Here are the books I'm giving away:

Daughter of Venice by Donna Jo Napoli -- It is 1592 in Venice and Donata Mocenigo, younger daughter to one of the city's great noble families, leads a life full of wealth and privilege. But she feels constricted by the many strict rules of etiquette a young noblewoman must observe, and longs to throw off her veil. I talk about it in a previous post HERE

Attila by William Napier -- 406 AD, and the Roman Empire totters on the edge of the abyss. Already divided into two, the Imperium is looking dangerously vulnerable to her European rivals. The huge barbarian tribes of the Vandals and Visigoths sense that their time is upon them. But, unbeknownst to all these great players, a new power is rising in the East. A strange nation of primitive horse-warriors has been striking terror on border peoples for fifty years. But few realise what is about to happen. For these so called 'Huns' now have a new leader. And his name is Attila - 'the Scourge of God'.Thus begins a saga of warfare, lust and power, which brought the whole of the Christian world to its knees, and was only ended in blood on the fields of France. It is a story of two men - Attila the Hun and Aetius the Roman. One who wanted to destroy the world, and one who fought one final battle save it... My review is HERE

The Forbidden Game Trilogy by L. J. Smith, The Hunter, the Chase and the Kill. I am giving these three away together, so if you are interested in them, just list The Forbidden Game Trilogy.

Descriptions Taken from L. J. Smith's Website:

The Forbidden Game, Volume I: The Hunter
Jenny wants to get her boyfriend, Tom, a special game for his birthday party. However, she can’t help but be fascinated by the boy with the white-blond hair who sells her a strange game as a present. It turns out that the boy, Julian, is the youngest of those from the Shadow Lands, a race of evil beings who live invisibly just beside our own world. Once Jenny opens the game, she is in his land. Julian is determined to seduce her, but he has to work by a set of inflexible rules, only touching Jenny where she has reached for him.
In the fantasy house that Julian has created, where everyone at the party must face their greatest fear, Julian himself is Jenny’s worst nightmare. . . and maybe her dream lover, as well.

The Forbidden Game, Volume II: The Chase
Jenny begins to get terrifying phone calls and soon it’s clear that Julian is loose is the real world. More and more, Jenny falls under his spell, allowing herself the freedom to do as she likes, no matter the consequences. It seems that Jenny has chosen Julian over Tom. But then her friends are disappearing, sucked into the Shadow Lands, paper dolls left in their places. Can Jenny outwit Julian without giving in to his demands entirely?

The Forbidden Game, Volume III: The Kill
Jenny returns to the place where it all began; her grandfather’s house, where as a child she first met the child-Julian. A door with a strange rune on it opens to the most fantastic creation of Julian’s of all: an empty amusement park that Jenny loved as a child. Except here, all the rides are deadly. More, Jenny must survive her confrontations with an increasingly frustrated and determined Julian. Will he really kill her if he can’t have her? Jenny forces him to make the choice—and two worlds are changed forever.

The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo -- Synopsis (From Publisher's Weekly): Welcome to the story of Despereaux Tilling, a mouse who is in love with music, stories, and a princess named Pea. It is also the story of a rat called Roscuro, who lives in the darkness and covets a world filled with light. And it is the story of Miggery Sow, a slow-witted serving girl who harbors a simple, impossible wish. These three characters are about to embark on a journey that will lead them down into a horrible dungeon, up into a glittering castle, and, ultimately, into each other's lives. And what happens then? As Kate DiCamillo would say: Reader, it is your destiny to find out.

Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning -- Seventeen-year-old Molly Montgomery never planned on becoming famous. Molly's band, The Hormones, was just supposed to be about mucking around with her best mates, Jane and Tara, and having fun. But when the deliciously dangerous Dean and his friend T join the band, things start happening fast. Soon The Hormones are front-page news, and their debut album is rocketing up the charts. Molly is the force behind the band, but the hazards of fame, first love, screaming fans, and sleazy managers are forcing the newly crowned teen queen of grrl angst close to the edge. Fame never comes for free, and Molly's about to find out what it costs.

Anatopsis by Chris Abouzeid -- Princess Anatopsis Solomon wants to be a knight-errant. But her mother, chairwoman of Amalgamated Witchcraft Corporation, plans for her immortal daughter to take over the family business. The Queen has even hired a new tutor: a demigod named Mr. Pound. But Mr. Pound’s plans go far beyond completing Ana’s education. He is searching for the mysterious and powerful Os Divinitas. And if he finds it, nothing will survive. A shocking and powerful gift will catapult the Princess into an unlikely quest through the rich worlds of Anatopsis, inhabited by magic immortals, a rebel army, and the last dog in the Universe.

There we have it! I have read and enjoyed all of these, and now it's time to pass them on to new friends! Thanks for helping me celebrate!


  1. Hey! You know I NEED Guitar Girl.

    I've got this posted at Win a Book for you, babe. Thanks for the e-mail.

  2. I'd like a chance at "The Tale of Despereaux" my niece saw the movie and though it was adorable, so I think this would be a great book for her. Or "Guitar Girl" it just sounds like a spunky book!


  3. I love this giveaway. I would love to win these books. But in order like you asked they are:

    The Forbidden Game Trilogy- Now why do I want these books? Well, until seeing them on this site I had never even heard of them and now I would really love to read them. They sounds incredibly entertaining.

    The only other book I would want to win is: The Tale of Despereaux- Why? Well, my daughter and I have been absolutely crazy over anything rodent for years. We have raised hamsters, gerbils and rats for over 15 years. This book looks so cute and I know for a fact my daughter would love reading this after I read it. We would really love this book. :) It looks cute as heck.

  4. Guitar Girl sounds cute, sort of almost reality-tv-ish. I need something like that to take my mind off of college textbooks.

    Daughter of Venice also sounds fun. I've heard of it before, and I love historical fiction. The heroine sounds fun and spunky.


  5. My first choice would be Attila by William Napier. I am fascinated by anything Attila or Hun related and it sounds like an exciting story.

    Second would be Anatopsis by Chris Abouzeid. I like fantasy and any princess who wants to be a knight-errant is wonderful in my opinion.


  6. I would love to read The Forbidden Game Trilogy. It sounds like a strange and interesting story :)

    My second choice would be Guitar Girl. The story of the bands rise to fame and all the drama to go with it sounds interesting

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  7. Hey Shaunie,

    Congrats on your upcoming 7th BC Anniversary. I always miss mine too. By the time that I think to check it is usually gone on by. lol

    I was not planning on entering but I do see something that is interesting so figure what the heck.

    First I would be interested in:

    The Forbidden Game Trilogy for a couple of reasons. First because it is written by the same author who wrote Vampire Diaries, which is a series that I have been collecting. Secondly because not only would I enjoy reading it, but my 14 year old would enjoy it as well.

    My second choice would be:

    Anatopsis because it looks like a fun fantasy that I would enjoy reading as well as my 10 year old daughter.

    Thanks! Hugs


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