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Monday, May 17, 2010

Giveaway - Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel by Ronda Thompson

Lou Kinipski is a supermodel, one of the best, but she wasn't always one of the beautiful people. Her secret? She's a werewolf. But unfortunately while being a werewolf brought her beauty, it also has a few drawbacks, like furry outbreaks at really inopportune times. only her best friend Cindy knows what she is, and the two have stuck together through thick and thin since they were kids.

They have a great life, not perfect, but good, living next door to each other in the same apartment building, Cindy doing makeup for all of Lou's photo shoots, giving them an easy way to stay together all the time. Until a few murders and Detective Terry Shay throw some chaos into their lives. It seems the victims resemble Lou, and it looks like they've been torn apart by some kind of animal. Terry is convinced that Lou is somehow connected, and thinks she knows more than she's telling, which is true, but who would believe the truth? She's never known anyone else like herself, and she certainly isn't a murderer! Lou decides to check into her own mysterious and less than happy past to see if she can find any more answers, by hiring PI Morgan Kane to see what he can dig up. He's less than squeaky clean himself, and Detective Shay tries to warn Lou away from him.

Lou is a fun cross of girly-girl and no-nonsense, and it would have been fun to see what further mischief she got herself into. Sadly Ronda Thompson passed away in 2007. She also wrote The Wild Wulfs of London series, along with quite a few other stand alone novels.

I'm ready to pass along my gently used Bookcrossing labeled copy of Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel to make a new friend! While I would love it if you did make a Bookcrossing journal entry when you receive the book, it is yours to do with what you like, and the entry can be made completely anonymously. Click on the Bookcrossing link above to learn more. To enter, please comment on this post and answer this question "What do you think an ideal profession for a werewolf would be?" Obviously being a supermodel is kind of challenge if you might break out in fur at any time! I will choose a winner on May 29th!


  1. Hairdresser would be the perfect job--you know all your clients, can deal with their pesky mood swings, and they all have plenty of hair!

    I would love to enter and would of course make a bookcrossing entry.

    thehistorychic @ gmail . com

  2. I wrote a nanowrimo one year that had a werewolf who owned a bed in breakfast in Half Moon Bay. She fell in love with a professional dog walker. :D

    Anyway... I'm an active Bookcrosser and would be trilled to win this gently Bookcrossing labeled book. :)

  3. I like the review of the book-it certainly is a different take on the werewolf stories you normally see on the shelves.I can imagine the problem of suddenly breaking out in fur on the catwalk! OK I think the ideal profession for a male werewolf would be a male stripper-he would get plenty willing women,and if he suddenly broke out in fur they would think it was part of the act...

    I'm chucklesthescot at bookcrossing and goodreads.

  4. No need to enter me, babe, although this sounds like great fun. I'm dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail. I've got this posted at Win a Book for you.

  5. Looks like a fun summer read!

    A good job for a werewolf would definitely be something in the forensics field -imagine what they could do with those noses. Tracking down killers by scent isn't something human detectives can really do!

    baileythebookworm at gmail dot com

  6. I think an ideal job would be a Bouncer at a bar/club
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  7. I got it! A forest ranger!



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