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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Read a thon #6 - Cookies!

Dewey's Read-a-thon Blog


Oh no... book really cute, but getting sleepy... must wake up... time for extreme action... bless pre cut ready to bake frozen cookies...

Reading Locations:

Um yeah, the bed in a slightly dim with some afternoon sun room, better stop that right now or I'll be napping!

Currently Reading:

Pure Dead Magic
Debi Gliori
90 of 182

Total Pages read so far:


Total Time spent reading so far:

About 5 1/2 hours

Other Readers I have visited and Cheered on:

Noumena12 - Book Blog
Elsi - Reading in Texas
A Literary Odyssey
Luvvie's Musings
Bekah's Bytes
Kanaye Speaks
The Pink Bookmark
The Lady Fern
Reading Thru the Night

Finished Books:

The Bachelor's Cat
Nancy Yi Fan
L. F. Hoffman
212 pages, finished 12:30 PM
120 pages, finished 1:45 PM


  1. Just stop by to say rah, rah, rah!!!! Keep reading, you are doing great.

  2. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Austen, Hemingway
    Rushdie, Poe
    When it comes to reading
    You’re a pro!

  3. I admit I snuck in a 30 minute nap. I had a choice of getting up or taking a nap and since John came in and crawled in bed with me...nap won.

  4. Sending virtual coffee your way :)

    You are doing great :)


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